How to Plan a Season [Video]

Since 2010, I’ve written more than 1,000 personalized training plans. Each runner fills out an extensive Runner Questionnaire so I can better understand their training.

Season Planning

This “sneak peek” into the background of so many runners has unveiled countless insights into how runners view their training.

For example, did you know that most runners don’t do any faster workouts… ever?

Or that most runners have no idea how to schedule races before their goal (or “A”) race?

The good news is that you don’t have to know any of this if you get a custom training plan. I take care of it for you – the workout progressions, race scheduling, and even your taper and workout paces.

This is the “outsourcing” strategy: simply hire an expert to do it for you.

I outsource countless stuff because I have no idea what I’m doing, like:

  • Putting together furniture (seriously, WTF is an allen wrench??)
  • Reading bedtime stories to my daughter (am I joking…?)
  • Graphic design (you didn’t think I designed this track infographic, did you?!)

I’m not a pro at this stuff, so I get others to do it for me.

But if you’re a proud DIYer, you’re in luck today.

Plan Your Season with this New Video Presentation

First, let’s pause and recognize how super important this stuff is for your success. The overall training structure (type of workouts, mileage increases and decreases, tune-up races, taper scheduling, and more) is often the #1 reason you succeed – or fail.

I’ve talked before about the “failure of the last mile” – how we can do 90% of stuff right, but then fail spectacularly at the final moment.

With poor season planning, you’re failing from the very beginning. And I will not let that happen to you!

Let’s make sure your entire season, macro-cycle, or training plan (whatever you want to call it) is planned strategically – so you can focus on executing and running monster personal bests.

Today I have a new video presentation showing you how to plan a season.

You’ll learn:

  • The ideal length of your season from start to finish for 5k – ultra runners
  • The top 3 mistakes to avoid (these are critical!)
  • Mileage and intensity planning (AKA, periodization)
  • How to know how many tune-up races you should run

If you’re confused by any of this, just email me ( and we’ll figure it out together.

Get the Season Planner Worksheet

I’ve created a free worksheet to help you do this on your own.Race Season Worksheet

It includes highlights from the video, plus:

  • Example tune-up race scheduling
  • The best tune-up race distances for 5k – marathon races
  • The 3 ingredients to a successful season

I want to make your next race a HUGE personal best.

It all starts with a good plan, so make sure you sign up in the blue box below to get your free Season Planner Worksheet.

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  1. A custom plan has been the best thing for me! I highly recommend it to anyone! Jason knows his stuff and will get you to the finish line healthy and strong. Great video… I laughed out loud a couple of times. 🙂

  2. Really helpful info and great video. Thanks!

  3. Having a plan to avoid breakdown at the most critical moments is essential … can’t wait to get going with running this year as well!

  4. How long should someone wait between a goal race and starting a new training cycle for the next goal race?

  5. What would be a good race tune-up progression for a 5K peak race?