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Why do running injuries happen? (and how to prevent them)

Over the years, I’ve surveyed tens of thousands of runners. And it’s not surprising that the #1 goal is to always run injury-free.

That’s because injuries are direct obstacles to you achieving your goals. In every way, they …

Q&A with Coach: The Injury Prevention Episode

Running injuries: the bane of every runner anywhere. They’re worse than dreadmills or the dreaded “DNF” next to your name in race results.

Injury Prevention Q&A

Outdoor filming of Q&A with Coach. More at

Have you ever said something like this?…

What’s to love about trail running?

Why love trail running? Well… what’s NOT to love?!

I like you, mountains.

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Trail running is a small part of the running world that has …

How does a running community impact your training?

Running can be a solitary, often lonely, activity. While an occasional run with a friend is great, does belonging to an active running community help your training?

Catherine_Team SR

It’s kind of a trick question: we all know that support from …

How to Fall in Love with Running

How many of us absolutely love running and hitting the road for our “me time” – but for some reason, can never run consistently enough?


Today, so many of us talk about breaking that 2-hour half marathon time or …

The Best Running Shirts Ever

As a proud running geek, I have an assortment of running shirts that I love wearing:

Running T-Shirts

Ok, that last picture is just me wearing a tutu with Steve Kamb from last year’s Camp Nerd Fitness. But I look …