Dr. Simon Donato on Ultra-Endurance, Grit, and the Doors that Running Opens

Simon Donato is a modern Indiana Jones: a PhD who travels the world competing in the toughest endurance races that exist.

Simon Donato

It’s not every day that you meet somebody with so many varied interests.

And when you do, pay attention. Their insights and mental models are light years ahead of the average person.

Simon Donato is one of these “Renaissance Men.” His many accomplishments include:

  • A PhD in Geology from McMaster University and a Masters in Paleontology from Western University
  • Credit as the creator and host of the television show Boundless chronicling his pursuit of adventure and ultra-endurance
  • Creator of both Stoked Oats and Adventure Science
  • Finishes at the world’s toughest races, including 220km of stand-up paddle boarding to running 250km across the Sahara Desert

He’s on the podcast today to help us find more adventure in our life.

I think runners are uniquely suited to be adventurers because of our endurance, appetite for suffering, and thirst for new experiences.

Running led me on a quest up a mountain through a rainforest to discover a glacier in New Zealand (photos).

It brought me to my wife (that was one hell of an adventure).

And it’s why I love speaking with other runners about the topic – like Travis Macy in episode 8.

Simon Donato on Professional Adventuring

Simon joins us today on the podcast to share the insights he’s gleaned as television host, author of The Boundless Life, and ultra-endurance athlete.

You can listen to the show on iTunes (for iPhone owners) or Stitcher (for Android users).

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A big thanks to Simon for joining me and talking shop about this great sport we all call our own.

Stay adventurous!

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