Orthopedic Surgeon David Geier on Injury Prevention for Kids

Some of you might know that I have two little kids. When they’re not throwing food on the floor, they’re practicing their drills:

As a parent and coach, I have a few “rules” I like to follow when it comes to exercise and kids:

  • It’s not exercise. It’s play.
  • Be a generalist (sport specificity is too advanced – and risky)
  • It has to be fun

So on a typical weekend, you’ll find us at the playground, beach, or just running around the backyard like crazy people.

And over time, my wife and I have gradually built more physical play into the backyard:

  • A trapeze for upper body strength
  • A sandbox for fine motor skills and hand strength
  • A bunch of tires for crawling, lifting, and hiding (and for Dad to throw around, too!)
  • And a stick fort for hiding, crawling, lifting big sticks, and hiding beer when they’re teenagers

Now of course, my kids are 4 and 2 right now. They’re not ready for “sports” yet – but it seems like that time comes earlier and earlier.

So I want to be prepared.

When they’re hurling their first lacrosse ball, what’s the best way to not only ensure they stay healthy but thrive as athletes?

Are there things we can do now to help them become the best athletes they can be (if they choose to be athletes)?

I’m admittedly not an expert in this area. I can’t tell you what’s developmentally appropriate for a 3 year old vs. a 7 year old. Or even how to coach little ones.

I just want to make sure my kids stay healthy when they start playing competitive sports.

So I asked an orthopedic surgeon to come on the podcast to chat about kids and injuries.

Dr. David Geier on Maximizing Youth Performance and Limiting Injuries

David is here to share numerous ways that young athletes can improve their performance without sacrificing their careers in the long run (these puns are my lifeblood).

We’re coming at this topic as a surgeon, coach, and two dads with different aged kids.

You might know David from drdavidgeier.com where he simplifies the complex area of sports medicine.

He covers a lot of areas that I love to geek out on:

David’s most notably an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist in Charleston, South Carolina.

He was Director of MUSC Sports Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina for eights years and is currently the Communications Council Chair for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Board of Directors.

Major media have featured his advice in interviews from The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, The Atlantic, Forbes, and many others.

Check out David’s new book, That’s Gotta Hurt! The Injuries That Changed Sports Forever.

As you can see, I was quite excited to chat with him about the best injury prevention practices for younger athletes.

Listen to our conversation on iTunes or if you use the Android OS, Stitcher.

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Preventing injuries is one of the running topics that I’m most passionate about because it enables you to run more consistently.

With more consistent running, you’ll be able to run more and train harder.

The result?

You’ll be a stronger, more capable athlete who’s crossing the finish line sooner than ever before.

And THAT is what gets me excited.

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