Easy vs. Marathon Pace, Goal Setting, and More Q&A with Coach Mario Fraioli

The best runners know when to get help and work together. It’s like Michael Jordan once said:


If you’re a Lone Wolf, some things are inevitable:

  • Have a question? Prepare to spend hours going down the Google rabbit hole…
  • Feeling unmotivated? Sorry, you’re on your own.
  • Not sure how to break through your plateau? Time to “try everything!

But the runners who get the support, guidance, and camaraderie they need always seem to reach their goals.

Which one are you? 

Today, my friend Mario Fraioli is joining me on the podcast to help me answer your toughest questions and give you the support needed to reach new levels of performance.

Mario and I competed against each other in college (he always beat me) while he was at Stonehill and I was at Connecticut College.

After graduation, he dove headfirst into the running industry. Some of his notable achievements:

Today, his main project is The Morning Shakeout, a weekly newsletter of commentary and thoughts on running, culture, writing, and media.

Despite his coaching, writing, and training duties, Mario made time to help members of the Strength Running community with their running questions.

Mario Fraioli on Pacing, Goals, and Cross-Training

Mario Fraioli

In this wide-ranging conversation, we discuss the nuances behind six running questions about:

  • How to determine your easy pace
  • When to go for a BQ time or try to just finish in the marathon
  • Whether tennis can be used for cross-training (and when)
  • Street vs. Treadmill running
  • The optimal distance for marathon long runs
  • The relationship between age and the number of days you run per week

I crowd-sourced these questions from email, social media, and other sources.

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