Beth Skwarecki, the Health Editor of Lifehacker, on Health & Fitness Trends

Beth Skwarecki is the author of two books and the Health Editor of Lifehacker. She’s here to dispel fitness and health myths that might be leading us astray.

Beth Skwarecki

You might have come across Beth’s work. As one of the most popular health writers on Lifehacker – a blog with millions of monthly readers – she’s practically everywhere.

Some of my favorite pieces include:

Beth is a member of the National Association of Science Writers. After getting a BA in biology from Alfred University, she took additional coursework in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Rutger’s University.

She also has previously taught nutrition and environmental sciences at the Community College of Allegheny County.

Her two books will interest the science nerds out there:

She’s taking a break from editing health articles to come on the Strength Running Podcast to talk more about health and fitness trends you might have seen recently.

Beth Skwarecki on Thinking About Health

This conversation focuses on the many side aspects of a healthy lifestyle that make running easier.

After all, it’s critical to have a lifestyle that supports running. You can’t train well if you barely sleep and drink a lot…

We’re talking about:

  • DNA trivia for runners
  • How her job has changed her outlook on health and fitness
  • How to engineer a less groggy morning (for the morning runners out there!)
  • Whether elderberry supplements are a waste of money

Beth and I also discuss running in the dark, the cutoff point for running in extreme cold, and the warning signs of frostbite.

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Resources & Links from the show:

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