Lindsey Hein on Elites, Podcasting for Runners, and Training with Kids

Lindsey Hein is the host behind the I’ll Have Another podcast for runners. And after 160+ episodes, she’s ready to share what she’s learned from pro runners around the world.

Lindsey Hein

Lindsey has always been a runner. She ran cross country in high school and after running for fitness and health in college, started running marathons post-collegiately.

To date, she’s run 14 marathons and is currently preparing for the 2019 Boston Marathon. She’s also a RRCA-certified running coach.

Her podcast is one of the most popular running podcasts out there: I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein has more than 160 episodes and features the most talented runners on the planet:

Lindsey is in a unique situation after being able to explore the training, lives, mindsets, and careers of so many world-class athletes. I couldn’t help but have so many questions:

  • How do we relate to elite runners who have physical gifts that we simply do not?
  • What separates the best from the rest of us?
  • How do we learn from these runners to enhance our own training?

In our latest episode for the Strength Running Podcast, we discuss the drawbacks and opportunities of interviewing elite runners and more.

Lindsey Hein on Podcasting and Training with Kids

Lindsey Hein Podcast

Lindsey does all of this with four boys (as a father of three, my jaw is on the floor). And as we’re both in the throes of parenting many little children, the topic of time management and goal setting is critical for us. And I’m sure you, too!

We talk about the shifts that have to happen when training as a parent:

  • How does your mindset change when your life includes managing multiple kids?
  • Is marathon training the same when you have four kids? How is it different?
  • Feeling strong vs. racing fast

Lindsey and I also discuss her latest philanthropic adventure: raising $10,000 for The Donna Foundation to fund breast cancer research and support programs. If you’d like to support her campaign, you can make a tax-deductible gift at the link above.

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