Season Planning and the Pro Runner Experience with Kate Grace & Endeavorun

The pro runner experience captured my imagination during my college years. Can you just imagine running for your job?!

Kate Grace Race

Kate Grace rockin’ Old Glory

Perhaps the college track experience gives an athlete a brief taste of what being a pro runner might be like.

After all, I didn’t just go to practice after class. I had…

  • a physical therapist available to me at any time for treatment and advice
  • several coaches looking out for my well-being
  • a team of other runners to support and encourage my progress
  • excellent facilities with cross-training equipment, an Olympic-size pool, and a gym for weightlifting
  • a free uniform, travel to races, and special treatment to occasionally miss classes

Man, life was good!

But after graduating and starting to work, I realized that “real life” knocks running down the priority list.

Planning a coherent season – never mind a full “pro runner experience” – became much more difficult.

Even though better planning leads to faster racing, the planning part was easy to dismiss. And that was to my detriment: my seasons became less periodized, I had fewer support systems, and I didn’t have the accountability of a team and a coach.

Now, one of my goals as a virtual coach is to give adult runners the structure of a well-planned season.

And to help me do that, I’ve invited two special guests on the Strength Running Podcast.

Kate Grace & Endeavorun: The Pro Runner Experience

Kate Grace Strength

“Fast Kate” Grace is one of the United States’ most decorated and accomplished middle-distance runners. She’s an Olympian, Olympic Trials champion, and a runner-up at outdoor nationals in the 1500m.

She was also our guest on Episode 97 of the podcast.

Kate is a Nike-sponsored athlete, a member of the Bowerman Track Club, and a 4:22 miler.

She joins us on the podcast to discuss how an elite runner like herself plans an entire season from start to finish. We’re discussing:

  • Overall length of the season, tune-up race scheduling and strategy, and planning
  • Her support team of coaches, experts, and clinicians that makes it all possible
  • Linear vs. nonlinear periodization and the progress of her workouts

But she’s not the only guest on the podcast today! You’ll also be hearing from my old friend and former teammate, Jake Tuber.

Jake is the mastermind behind Endeavorun, a new coaching program that gives regular runners like us the “pro athlete experience” with:

  • A kickoff retreat in Tracktown USA at the University of Oregon
  • Coaching and custom training for every registrant
  • A team of PT’s, dietitians, and elite runners (like Kate Grace) to keep your running on track
  • VIP race experience and ongoing support – just like the pros

It’s a coach, running camp, strength programming, fan experience with pro runners, training program, and nutritionist rolled into one program.

The running community has not seen a program this comprehensive; it virtually defies definition and I’m excited to be a part of it next year.

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A big thanks to both Kate and Jake for joining us on the podcast!


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