Running and Identity: How Jake Tuber is Making a Comeback and Navigating Uncertainty

We are all about incremental improvements here. Giving that extra 1% of effort. Pushing beyond your comfort zone. That’s the fun part. The real grind, however, is in going from 0 to 1.

making a comeback

During the pandemic, more of us have faced this reality than before.

Consider your close friends and family. When the lockdowns hit, what was their response? Did they view it as a unique time to narrow their focus on what’s most important or was it challenging for them to find meaning at all?

How did you respond? Did your highs and lows swing drastically?

Perhaps you didn’t even allow yourself to admit that things were rough. Because chances are, if you are reading this blog and listening to podcasts, you’re better off than many people around the globe. But “better off” doesn’t mean that our wellbeing is intact.

It’s not a popular topic of discussion but it’s so important. How do we fall and how do we pick ourselves back up? Regardless of the cause, chances are, you’ve had your own version of a comeback story.

Today’s conversation focuses on mindset in a different perspective than we have before. Even as we see the pandemic situation improving in the United States, there is likely to be a massive mental health crisis to work through on the other side.

This podcast and timely and I hope it helps you with self-awareness and provides hope.

Jake Tuber Gives a Raw Glimpse into His Lowest Moments

Jake Tuber is a part-time graduate school professor, a former college teammate of mine, and the creative force behind the Endeavorun Running Retreat. He is a sprinter turned distance runner with a story about how his first real injury caused a downward spiral amid the pandemic.

Jake doesn’t claim to have the answers or enlightened moments where the truth was revealed. He struggled through the many things that life threw at him and came out on the other end.

He’s here today to share some of the raw moments along his journey:

Our conversation has some great takeaways that I think all runners can benefit from:

  • Action before thoughts – actions help to model your inner beliefs but you have to take the first step
  • Community – being around people who will support you (such as our Team Strength Running)
  • Environment – surrounding yourself with an optimistic and encouraging space to guide you on the right path

Enjoy the full episode below and if you come away eager to sign up for the Endeavorun Running Retreat, use code ‘strengthrunning’ to save $100 on your registration. Hope to see you in August!

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