Coach Kevin Carr on Functional Training, Multiplanar Exercises, and Movement Quality

A lot of messages get muddled in the fitness industry. Myths surrounding strength training are somewhere at the top of the list. For runners, we don’t want to get bulky, lose endurance, or risk injury.

functional training for runners

That’s exactly why we should focus on building strength. In fact, that was the entire premise behind Strength Running back when I started and it continues to be the focus today. You can hear more of my origin story on a prior podcast that I recorded.

Increasing muscle mass doesn’t come easily. Despite what many women’s fitness magazine continue to proclaim – lifting heavy weights does not make people bulky. In fact, talk to any aspiring bodybuilder and you’ll quickly learn that building muscle takes dedication to the gym, specificity in workouts, a lack of aerobic exercise, and an abundance of calories.

In short – you don’t have to worry that you’ll wake up with bulging muscles one day.

Training in ways that complement your sport of choice is the smartest way to get the most return for your efforts. That’s what we mean when we talk about functional training.

If you’re ready, we have a specific strength training program for runners. You can hear one of our Team Strength Running members talk about the impacts that it made on her running.

Not ready for a full program just yet? No problem – we have a free course to help you build strength.

And today’s podcast is another great resource where we dive deep into the topics of strength training, movement, and supporting exercises.

Kevin Carr Distills the Knowledge on Strength Training

Strength and conditioning coach Kevin Carr has worked with Olympians and many other types of athletes. He has amassed a wealth of experience in functional anatomy, sports performance, and personal training. He is also the coauthor of the new book Functional Training Anatomy.

Kevin has a bachelor’s in kinesiology, he’s a licensed massage therapist, and has numerous professional certifications in the functional movement screen, NeuroKinetic Therapy, functional range conditioning, and a lot more.

In today’s episode we’re talking about ways to help runners gain strength, power, and mobility.

Kevin addresses some misconceptions about lifting and highly advises that runners incorporate it in their own training:


We also cover topics on:

  • Why bodybuilding techniques don’t translate to runners
  • What type of strength training should runners do and how often
  • Exercise selection with specificity for endurance
  • Progression in shoes for various activities

Click below to hear the full episode and learn how your own running can be enhanced.

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