Race Strategy Fundamentals: How to Pace Every Type of Race

When you first start running races, you main goal may be to finish the distance. After the initial learning curve, most runners set their sights on a specific time.

race pacing

This is where pacing strategy comes in. That refers to your plan for the duration of the race which yields the finishing time that you are striving for.

Pacing can vary greatly based on the distance of the race, the experience and strengths of the runner, as well as the mindset going into it.

Today we’re talking about shorter and longer distances up to the marathon. I will share the strategies that lend themselves to a specific distance race as well as general ones that can be leveraged in any race.

Common Pace Strategies

A loose approach to racing is common. Something that may sound like “I hope I can run fast fast”. Cross your fingers and go. There’s certainly a time and place for that.

However, you may find other strategies to be more reliable and consistent in yielding results. The most frequently mentioned is negative splits, which involves running the second half of the race faster than the first half.

Other strategies may include going out as fast as you can and leaving the rest to your body and the universe. Why take the risk of slowing down towards the end of the race? Hear my thoughts on it in this clip:

For longer races, it may be wiser to go out at a steady pace and kick into a fast gear near the finish.

Listen to the full episode as I answer reader questions:

  • How do I negative split a marathon?
  • Should I run even splits or run the first few miles slower?
  • How do I get through the middle of a race where I always slow down?
  • When do I know if I should go out really fast?

Of course, your pace is only one piece of the puzzle. Other factors matter and we have resources to help you with:

Looking for more topics or other resources? Let us know! We exist to help you improve your running.

In the meantime, enjoy today’s podcast and I wish you a fast race ahead!

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