Endeavorun Live Q&A with Kate Grace, Matt Fitzgerald, Lydia Nader, and Peter Bromka

Today we’re doing something a little different with a panel of running experts. We are discussing a variety of topics, everything from training-related questions to the not-so-serious ones. 

Endeavorun group

Endeavorun created a unique experience for a group of runner enthusiasts. We got to spend a few days together in Boulder, CO at a retreat focusing on all things running.

One of our highlight events was a panel discussion that you’re about to hear. We sat down with Olympian Kate Grace, 2:19 marathoner Peter Bromka, author Matt Fitzgerald, registered dietitian Lydia Nader, and myself for a live Q&A.

Our questions included:

  • You are at a bar and you overhear someone talking about running. They say something that causes you to correct them. What did they say?
  • Your bucket list race
  • What is something about running that you are an expert in and is largely misunderstood?

Play along and answer these for yourself or with your group of friends. Then check out the podcast to hear our responses.

Endeavorun Live Q&A

Doing the live Q&A with a group of running experts from all different backgrounds made for a lively conversation. We talked about pacing, track standards, goal races, and recovery.

Here’s a clip of me talking about structured training plans where I work with runners to plan in steady progression, proper pacing, and the balance of hard runs with recovery:

Hear the full episode below and follow along with Jonathan Levitt’s podcast For the Long Run and Matt Fitzgerald’s The 80/20 Endurance Podcast for parts 2 and 3 of the conversation.

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