Peter Bromka on Pacing the Pros and Seeing Desiree Linden Break the 50k WR

What does a professional runner have that the average runner doesn’t? What allows them to push beyond their known limits? Today we get an inside glimpse into how runners handle racing and the pressure that comes with it.

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If you are already running through a list of what elite runner have that you don’t, I invite you to take a pause.

The reality is, there is no secret. None. I know, I’m bummed about that too. I sometimes find myself thinking that I’m one running book, one podcast, or one technique away from uncovering “the thing”.

The struggles of elites are shared by all athletes, though theirs are often more public than the rest of us.

In the words of Steve Maraboli, a Behavior Science expert:

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient.

The same goes for running. It doesn’t get easier, we just get faster.

My friend and former collegiate competitor got to see some of the world’s top runners give it their all and he joins us today to share the story.

Peter Bromka Running with the Pros

Peter Bromka recently got to pace Chirine Njeim to a 2:36 marathon PR in pursuit of qualifying for the Olympics. On the same course, at the same time, Desiree Linden broke 3 hours in the 50K ultramarathon and set a new world record. Peter is here to share his experience of this event.

Peter is an incredible athlete in his own right. He was a very competitive runner for Tufts University, running 15:16 for 5K, who ended up running his first marathon post-collegiately in 2:56. Over the years, he lowered his best to a staggering 2:19:03, just 3 seconds off from the Olympic Trials qualifying mark.

In his front row seat run with the pros, Peter got to witness, hear, and implement strategies of the world’s top runners. We talk about a variety of topics, including:

As a competitor himself, Peter has some words of wisdom to offer to racers out there:

I’m also thrilled to share that Peter will be joining us at the Endeavorun Running Retreat. If you, too, want to be a part of the action, sign up using code ‘strengthrunning’ to save $100 on your registration. Hope to see you in August!

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