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Are You Making These 5 Training Errors that Cause Running Injuries?

Over the last 23+ years, I’ve made most training errors so you don’t have to! Learn how to run smarter and stay healthy by avoiding 5 common pitfalls that can derail your training.

After more than 23 years of running, I can say with confidence that I’ve made almost every training mistake that you can imagine.

My running career began in 1998 and continued with cross country and track at the high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate levels. Along the way I suffered from a variety of running injuries that kept me from training and racing as consistently as I would have liked. Even though I did it the hard way – by foolishly making too many training errors – hindsight allowed me to learn from these mistakes.  

In this week’s podcast, I take a look back at my running career to analyze where I went wrong and how I have learned to do better. As a coach, my hope is always to provide you with the best possible insights to make you healthy and successful throughout your running career.

Avoid These Training Errors

While running can be filled with nuanced training and over-advertised hacks for running faster, improvement can’t happen if you don’t nail the basics. Although some training errors aren’t the end of the world, eventually they add up.

You’re bound to get hurt if you continually make injury mistakes with your training. 

The foundation of healthy training isn’t glamorous or sexy, but it works. Sorry to say there are no hacks – running well is about creating the space in your life to do it well, no matter if you’re running 20 miles each week or 100.

After all, the fundamentals of injury prevention are the same no matter your ability.

In the podcast I dig a little deeper into each of the mistakes that you need to avoid in order to run well and continue to improve:

  • Mistake #1: Running inconsistently with wild swings in mileage – you’re more likely to get hurt during the buildup than during regular high volume running
  • Mistake #2: A lack of faster running for long stretches of time – this part of your fitness comes back the slowest so don’t allow it to become detrained!
  • Mistake #3: Not running easy enough on your easy days.  Why the three “Cs” (and not your GPS device) – should be your tool.
  • Mistake #4: Running through sharp or severe pain that alters your running form. If the pain gets worse as you run, listen to your body. 
  • Mistake #5: You guessed it – a lack of strength training!  You have to build a strong foundation to support healthy running.

Want to gain a more thorough understanding of each of these mistakes and how to avoid them?  Listen to this week’s edition to find out how to eliminate each of these in your own training.

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