Collegiate Strength Coach Angelo Gingerelli on Resistance Training for Endurance Runners

Resistance training should no longer be considered a form of cross-training for runners – it’s essential! Learning the best ways to assess your body and integrate strength work into your running season will make your resistance training more efficient and effective.

I regularly encourage runners to think of themselves as “athletes who focus on running” to make their training less one dimensional.  Getting out of your comfort zone – whether in the weight room or by trying a new sport – can make you more well-rounded as an athlete. 

Durability for a lifetime of running comes from building a strong foundation – and this requires more than just running. Whether you regularly use body weight exercises or lift heavy in the gym, strength training will make you more injury resistant to the repetitive impact of running

This week’s guest on the podcast frequently pushes himself out of his comfort zone to learn more about himself as an athlete. Seton Hall Strength and Conditioning Coach Angelo Gingerelli has worked in the field for two decades and has extensive experience working with kids, collegiate athletes, and professionals.

Angelo Gingerelli on Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes

Angelo Gingerelli is the coauthor of the new book, Finish Strong: Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes. But Angelo’s athletic history is a less common one – he came from a powerlifting background and later developed a love of running, leading him to multiple 26.2 finishes. 

Angelo’s work in the strength and conditioning field, combined with his personal experience as a runner, gives him a unique perspective on how best to integrate the two.  His recent book focuses on helping runners and other athletes use the exercises that are most sport-specific, and address common weaknesses.

But this isn’t just a talk about strength routines.  Angelo digs into a variety of topics we don’t often think about in our typical run training, including the following:

  • The evolution of Functional Movement Screening and how to apply movement assessments to your running
  • Common movement dysfunctions for runners and other sport-specific athletes
  • The six essential foundational exercises for greater strength and athleticism
  • How we can learn from college athletes that there is no off season, just strategic downtime from your primary sport
  • What are anti-rotation exercises and how do they benefit runners?

Angelo’s ideas for how to periodize resistance training, as well as seek out new challenges, will be beneficial to all athletes – not just runners!  You’re sure to come away from our discussion with some useful concepts to apply to your own training. 

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