How Ali Feller Got Hooked on Running, Podcasting, and Runners (like you!)

When it comes to spreading a love for running, word of mouth matters. Today’s guest lives and breathes a joy for running in all that she says and does, and her enthusiasm is contagious!

There’s nothing runners love more than swapping stories with other runners. Whether we’re reveling in a recent race success or deciphering the causes of a struggle, runners love to talk about anything and everything related to running.

Ali Feller may have discovered her love of running as an adult, but she has since become a beacon of enthusiasm for the sport and its passionate, supportive community. If you’re a fan of running podcasts, then you’re probably already familiar with the Ali on the Run show. It’s one of the most popular running podcasts out there, with hundreds of episodes and countless fans.

Ali Feller on Running Podcasts & Love for the Sport

On her long-running podcast, Ali has had conversations with many of the sport’s most recognized runners. She is also continuing to work to make listeners more familiar with guests whose stories we don’t get to hear enough about.

Ali is a marathoner, a TedX Speaker, and a race announcer for New York Road Runners and Millennium Running.  She is also a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in numerous publications including Runner’s World, Self, Fitness and Women’s Running.  But most importantly, Ali is a blast to talk to about anything related to running and beyond!

As a fellow podcaster, Ali and I could talk endlessly about all things running.  Our conversation today will give you some insight into Ali’s background and her passion for the sport, including:

  • The way that running brings us closer to the elites than almost any other sport
  • How running provides the opportunity for limitless storytelling
  • Why word of mouth matters so much when it comes to spreading a love for the sport
  • How Ali’s competitive dance background prepared her for the ups and downs of training and racing
  • The infinite opportunities to find joy in running by doing it whatever way you love most
  • How Ali’s podcast discussions help humanize elite runners and make their stories so relatable

Enjoy my enthusiastic discussion with Ali!

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