How to Be Adaptable and Flexible with Your Training with Coach Ryan Banta

Whatever distance you’re training for – from 100 meters on the track to a road 5k to a trail ultra – no training schedule will ever go 100% as planned. Learning how to embrace the unexpected is an essential skill to get the most from your running.

Living through the recent pandemic has made us acutely aware of the need to adapt to changing circumstances. We can only control the controllables, and there are very few of them!

Runners like to feel control over their training plans, envisioning a string of perfectly executed workouts leading up to a goal race. But the truth is that nothing ever goes exactly as planned. The runners who succeed are the ones who learn how to adapt, and realize that change – even when unexpected – isn’t always a bad thing!

This week’s podcast guest has had an enormous impact on the world of high school coaching. Mr. Ryan Banta is a coach with more than 20 years of experience and the author of The Sprinter’s Compendium. At the high school level, Ryan has produced 163 All-State medalists, including 16 state champions and 21 runners-up. He also coached this year’s state championship team.

Ryan Banta on Staying Flexible

A major factor in Ryan’s success comes from his ability to help others embrace the twists and turns of the training process. He is a master at reframing setbacks and teaching his runners that success comes from being adaptable. Ryan’s knowledge and experience applies to runners of all levels and with goals at any distance.

Ryan’s breadth and depth of knowledge make for a fascinating conversation on so many aspects of adaptability, including

  • Why training plans always get changed
  • How to remain flexible, while still pushing yourself forward
  • Why it’s so hard to change your plan even when your plan needs to change
  • Our favorite forms of cross-training for runners
  • Specific changes you can make to your training based on the setback you’re experiencing
  • Practical, every day training modifications for distance runners

You’ll find our discussion full of useful information on mindset, flexibility and more!

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