Reverse Engineering Efficient Running Form with Matt Minard DPT, CSCS

Efficient running form is a hot topic that can often confuse runners. This week’s guest offers actionable advice to help you discover your own best form to improve your running and stay healthy.

Run tall! Land lightly! Lean forward!

You may have heard these cues for better running form, but why are they important and how can you apply them to YOUR running? Should try to you change your form?

Technique improvements may be all the rage, but keep in mind that running form follows the adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, up to 90% of runners have struggled with injury in one form or another, so many of us do need minor modifications in our technique. The good news is that everything can be modified, no matter how ingrained, by following a simple, specific pattern of techniques.

Efficient Running Form with Dr. Matt Minard

This week’s guest helps you determine your efficient running form. Dr. Matt Minard runs the popular Learn 2 Run account on Instagram to help runners stay healthy, strong and improve their running technique. He is a physical therapist, orthopedic clinical specialist, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. 

Matt’s experience with physical therapy as a high school athlete helped him discover a love for the profession, and as both a runner and physical therapist he is dedicated to helping athletes stay healthy and strong.

Matt and I explore a variety of topics related to form to give you practical advice you can apply to your own running, including:

  • Matt’s general philosophy on running form
  • How a tennis ball necklace might help you improve your technique
  • The complexities of posture and how to improve it
  • What makes a GOOD forward lean in running
  • How to run without jumping
  • The most helpful form cues for runners working on their form

This conversation is full of practical advice you can apply immediately to your own running – enjoy!

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