Should You Get a Running Coach? Tips and Q&A with Coach Bertrand “B” Newson

Runners of all levels can benefit from coaching, but it’s important to find the right match to get the most out of your relationship. If you’re looking for a coach or considering getting certified as one, you’ll benefit from learning more about both sides of the coaching experience.

Runners are often intimidated by the idea of getting a coach, thinking they are too inexperienced or not “elite” enough to be coached. But nothing could be further from the truth. The run coaching industry has grown tremendously in recent years, and more runners are finding value in a coaching relationship, no matter what their experience level.

If you’re an adult runner who wasn’t part of a team in high school, training with a coach or running community can provide a unique level of support and encouragement to help you get the most from your running. And if your passion for the sport drives you to understand the science and philosophy behind training, then you may want to consider becoming a coach yourself!

Coach B on getting the best from yourself as a coach & athlete

This week’s guest on the podcast is a fellow coach and my roommate from a recent running retreat, Bertrand Newson. “Coach B” (as he is most often referred to) came to running later in life, leaving a long career in the hospitality industry fueled by his love of running. 

Coach B is a Road Runners Club of America certified coach, co-host of the Race Mob podcast, and on the Board of Directors at the 80/20 Endurance Foundation, which seeks to promote diversity in coaching. He is not only an outstanding coach and a prolific competitor, but he is also a master at bringing people together. Coach B’s love of running and community led him to become the founder of Too Legit Fitness, a Bay Area group with more than 700 members.

Whether you’re looking for a coach or thinking about becoming one yourself, Coach B and I discuss a variety of topics that can help you on your journey, including:

  • How Coach B’s unique background benefits his coaching
  • Various types of coaching certifications and their benefits
  • What makes a runner coachable
  • Why coaching is both an art and a science, and the role of intuition in coaching
  • The importance of relatability and other qualities athletes should look for in a coach

This is both a thoughtful and pragmatic discussion you won’t want to miss!

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