Author Matt Fitzgerald on How to Perfect the Art and Skill of Pacing

The art of pacing yourself correctly is the key to success in workouts and races. But like any other skill, it requires practice and understanding what it really means to “listen to your body.”

If you’re new to the sport of running, you may feel like you only have one gear. But with experience, you learn how to incorporate a variety of paces into your training. Effective race pacing can mean the difference between a blowup and a PR, and because of this pacing is a skill that requires consistent practice.

All runners who are seeking performance improvements should look to those at the top of their sport. That’s whether you’re a beginner trying to crack 30 in the 5k or a seasoned veteran looking to run a sub-3 marathon.

When it comes to pacing, elite runners are masters of this skill, knowing when to steady themselves and when to push, solely by feel. They understand how to make subtle shifts in pacing to maximize their performance.

So how can YOU learn to pace yourself like an elite?

While GPS devices can drive us away from tuning into our bodies, they can also be a useful tool when used correctly in a limited capacity. Learning how to balance the subjective and objective elements of a run starts with tuning into your mind, and taking the time to practice reflecting on your perceived effort in both workouts and races.

Matt Fitzgerald on why & how to master your pacing

If you enjoy reading about running and training, then this week’s guest likely needs no introduction. Matt Fitzgerald is a prolific writer, having authored more than 30 books on endurance training and sports. He has immersed himself in the endurance world and is constantly at the forefront of communicating ways to make your training more effective and productive.

Despite our shared last name, Matt is not a relative. But in addition to his writing, he is also a fellow coach and 2:39 marathoner. Matt’s most recent book, On Pace, seeks to help runners learn the art of pacing to get the most out of their training and racing. 

Matt and I discuss many of the essential elements of pacing that he further addresses in his book, including:

  • Pacing as the art of finding your limit
  • Three key elements of pacing
  • How GPS devices can both help and hinder your ability to pace yourself
  • The simple and effective method of using perceived effort
  • How experience and practice are essential to improve your pacing
  • The importance of pace planning and evaluation for training and racing
  • Why the road to pacing mastery is filled with mistakes  – just don’t make them twice!

Enjoy this in-depth conversation on pace with my friend and colleague, Matt Fitzgerald!

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