Running & Power: Exploring ‘Mechanical Output’ with David Roche

Power is a concept that runners rarely talk about. While power has gotten more attention in the cycling world, runners of all levels will benefit from understanding what power means and how to develop it to make you a stronger, faster runner.

David Roche with his wife Megan and dog Addie

If you haven’t thought much about power as it relates to your running, you’re not alone. As runners, power isn’t something that we often consider in our training. 

Mathematically, power and mechanical output are complicated equations. But understanding their dramatic impact on your running is much simpler, once you learn what these concepts look like in practice. This week’s guest can help you understand how to develop power in your own training.

David Roche is an elite trail runner, author, and running coach. He is a two-time USATF trail national champion and the 2014 Sub-Ultra Trail Runner of the Year. David publishes regularly in Trail Runner Magazine and wrote the book, The Happy Runner, with his wife Megan.

David Roche on power and mechanical output for all runners

David and Megan work with a wide variety of runners at SWAP Running, and his athletes have won some of the biggest trail races in the world.  David’s energy and enthusiasm for both the science and joy of running and coaching are evident in our conversation. As a “recovering lawyer”, David is also an expert at explaining complicated concepts, as he does on this episode!

Although the subject of power and mechanical output may sound daunting, never fear! David breaks down the concepts in a way that makes it understandable, approachable, and easy to apply to your running year-round. We discuss:

  • The definition of power and mechanical output, both in theory and in practicality for runners
  • Why power is a bigger limiter for non-elite athletes
  • How most benefits of developing power come from very short work intervals
  • Why maintaining power is your key to longevity in the sport
  • The success of the Norwegian system using power development
  • Five way to consistently improve your own power

David is insightful and enthusiastic when it comes to discussing the technical aspects of running.  You’re bound to learn something new to apply to your own training!

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