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How to Build and Grow Running-Specific Confidence

Training your mind to run well is just as important as training your body. Confidence is an essential part of this skillset which can be developed alongside your physical training.

Any athlete who seeks to perform at their best knows the importance of mental training to complement their physical performance. Whether it’s a tough workout, a local 5k, or competing on the world stage at the Olympics, having confidence in your abilities will help you get the most out of yourself.

While a lack of confidence can be damaging to your performance, so can being overconfident. Like any skill, developing confidence takes practice. For some athletes confidence is more innate, while others may require practice to develop the right mindset. Coaches and mindset consultants who work with athletes can be an enormous asset to this development process.

Greg Chertok on building sport-specific confidence

This week on the podcast I have a guest with over a decade of experience creating mental training programs for a wide range of athletes. Greg Chertok has worked with youth athletes as well as professionals, including Olympians, NCAA and Super Bowl champions and Stanley Cup players.  As a performance and mental skills consultant, Greg is an expert at helping others build sport-specific confidence.

Confidence is a word that gets used frequently in relation to sports, but athletes often struggle to articulate what it means in practice. It’s similar to “mental toughness.”

Instead of thinking about confidence in a fixed, unchangeable way, you’ll benefit far more from realizing it is something that can be trained.  Just like any skill, it takes continued practice to both improve and maintain confidence in any challenging endeavor.

Greg and I discuss many aspects of developing sport-specific confidence, including:

  • How can we define confidence?
  • Is confidence innate or can it be changed?
  • Why confidence and a growth mindset are intertwined
  • How to make confidence building part of your daily training
  • What are common “confidence killers”?

Learning how to build confidence is simpler than you think! Our conversation will help you make it part of an ongoing process alongside your training.

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