New Runner Q&A (Heart Rate, Strength, Mileage, and More) with Mark Kennedy

Are you a new runner or looking to get back into the sport after a long break? This episode is for you! We tackle all the questions to help you get started, run comfortably, and develop an amazing lifelong habit.

For runners that are brand new to the sport or just thinking about getting started, the sheer volume of available information can be overwhelming. Much of it is too advanced or too focused on rapid improvement for a new runner who still needs help building a habit in a healthy, sustainable way.

When you are just starting out, proper pacing is essential. Runs should be short and easy enough that they leave you wanting more – not dreading your next outing! Learning how to pace yourself on your runs is an essential tool for runners of all levels. If you establish the habit early, it will be a skill you can continue to refine and improve for years to come. 

Whether you’re working to establish a new running habit or re-establish an old one, it helps to have a community to support you. Beginners have questions and concerns that are unique to their needs, and that’s why this week’s guest on the podcast established the None to Run community – developed especially for runners who are just starting out.

Mark Kennedy of ‘None to Run’ on new runner fundamentals

Mark Kennedy is an RRCA Certified Running Coach and the founder of the None to Run community, which also has its own podcast and app. What started as a blog has become an impressive community of new runners all sharing in their ongoing successes. Mark and I talk a bit about the community, but focus on listener generated questions that include:

  • How do I establish a consistent running habit?
  • How can I get back into running if I’ve spent years away from it?
  • Are trails a suitable place for a new runner?
  • What’s the best way to implement strength training with my running?
  • I’ve fallen in love with running! How soon can I think about running my first marathon?
  • Am I going to harm my knees?

If you’ve been hoping for an episode that gets back to the basics, this is for you. Our conversation will help get you on your way to healthy, happy running!

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