Marathon Myths, Half-Truths, and Mistakes with Author Sam Murphy

The longer the race, the more myths and misconceptions tend to exist about preparation. The marathon – often viewed as the holy grail of road running – is no exception. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes in your own training!

Over the last decade, participation in marathons has increased tremendously. What used to be a fringe sporting event has become mainstream as more and more people have trained for the marathon.

With so many new runners hoping to complete the 26.2 mile distance, a barrage of training plans have popped up online, and with them, a wide variety of opinions on how to prepare your body to handle the miles. Myths abound when it comes to marathon training, and it can be challenging to make sense of the best training principles in the midst of all the noise.

Fortunately, there’s also an abundance of quality training advice out there if you know where to look!  This week’s guest on the podcast has just released her newest book covering all aspects of marathon preparation: RUN YOUR BEST MARATHON: Your Trusted Guide to Training and Racing Better.

Marathon Myths with Coach Sam Murphy

Sam Murphy is a journalist, author and running coach. She has written for numerous newspapers and magazines over the last 20 years, and pens the enduring Murphy’s Lore column in Runner’s World magazine. As a long time runner, Sam has raced a variety of distances from 5Ks to ultras, and she earned her degree in sports and exercise science.

Sam and I discuss the common mistakes and misconceptions that can complicate marathon training, especially if you are new to the distance. Some of the myths we address include:

  • The “perfect” training cycle – why it doesn’t exist
  • Why a 20 mile training run isn’t always a necessity before the marathon
  • Marathon training won’t age you – if you do it right!
  • Why training at faster paces isn’t only for advanced runners
  • Injury is NOT an expected part of the marathon training cycle
  • You don’t have to abstain from all alcohol during marathon training

Sam’s blend of experience, wisdom, and humor make for an episode that runners of all levels can enjoy and benefit from. Whether you’re planning your first or 50th marathon, you’re bound to discover some valuable training insights!

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