Ultrarunner Dylan Bowman on What Makes Trail Running Special (and its future)

Trail running has a unique allure that has helped create a vibrant and inclusive community of runners. Whether you run short or long, at the front of the pack or the back, a warm and dynamic trail culture can help fuel your love for the sport.

Over the past decade, trail running has grown enormously from its beginnings as a small, niche sport. While trail racing and ultra racing are often lumped into one category, the emergence of shorter races is giving runners the opportunity to explore the sport over distances less daunting than a 50 or 100-miler.

For those who love the culture of trail races, creating access and sharing this love with more runners is the ultimate goal. This week’s guest has played a pivotal role in the trail running community in multiple ways, including elite ultrarunner, podcast host, and leader and cofounder of Freetrail. Dylan Bowman began his athletic career as a competitive lacrosse player, but after college discovered his love for the beauty and community of trail running.

Dylan Bowman on the culture and future of trail running

Early in his career, Dylan established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the ultra world, with podium finishes at many of the most competitive ultra races including Leadville and Ultra-Trail Mt Fuji. In the last couple of years Dylan has set his sights on a new project – Freetrail – best described as “a community dedicated to the life-changing sport of trail running.”

Dylan and I cover a lot of ground in this podcast, from how he became a trail runner to his newest project and vision for the sport. Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Why making the leap from lacrosse to trail running was not as random as it seems
  • The importance of finding the things in life that light you up
  • How Dylan’s early love of sports radio impacted his current endeavor
  • The parallels between entrepreneurship and running
  • The evolution and direction of the trail running world
  • Why livestreaming is the lynchpin to growth in the sport

Dylan’s genuine love for his running and business are infectious, and you’re sure to enjoy all the twists and turns of our conversation.

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