Comedian Laura Green Jokes About Strava, Podcasters, Catcalling, and More

Much as we all love the sport, running is hard. But training is a lot more fun when you can learn to laugh at yourself and the absurdity of so many things we all do as runners!

Runners are often type A personalities: committed, focused, and constantly driven to improve. We plan our training for months at a time to earn a new PR, finding time for cross training and strength workouts along the way. Without a little laughter, however, the sport isn’t nearly as fun.

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite, ultimately we can all find humor in what we do, which is really just “runnin’ around!” Whether we’re slogging through the dark and cold, spending hours in the woods, or pushing through a tough workout, it all feels better when we can laugh at ourselves and find humor in the most challenging or absurd moments.

Laura Green on finding humor in our running routines

This week’s guest on the podcast has been a lifelong runner who competed in middle distance at Northeastern University. Comedian Laura Green lives in Boston with her family, and in her own words “runs a lot and makes fun of running a lot.”

Laura is the comedic influencer we didn’t know we needed, and her Instagram reels are so on point and relatable to runners that it’s hard not to sit and watch them all. Whether she’s poking fun at Strava, podcasters, or the varying personalities of different running apparel companies, you’ll laugh out loud at her comedy.

In this episode Laura and I discuss the value of humor in the sport, as well as how it can help us have conversations about more serious topics. We also talk about:

  • How Laura gets the inspiration for her comedy
  • Why her varying experiences as a competitor, mom, and trail runner all make her so relatable
  • What goes into making a typical reel
  • How she has used humor to address subjects such as catcalling and harassment
  • Laura’s future projects

Enjoy my conversation and laughter with Laura Green!

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