Olympian Nick Symmonds on Obsession, Growing YouTube to 1M Subscribers, and Being an Entertainer

When you’ve already pushed your body to the limit and made it to the Olympics as an elite 800m runner, what’s next? Nick Symmonds returns to talk about his adventures since retiring from competitive running.

This week on the podcast I’m fortunate to have back a two-time Olympian and World Championship silver medalist, Nick Symmonds.  Although Nick retired from competitive running in 2017, he has been busier than ever since then. Whether developing Run Gum or getting over a million followers on YouTube, Nick is always in pursuit on the next personal and professional challenge.

Both on the track and as an entrepreneur, Nick isn’t afraid to tackle monstrous goals.  And while he puts intense effort and focus into whatever he’s trying to accomplish, he’s willing to be entirely transparent about both his successes and failures.  Nick is willing to look silly in the pursuit of something big, and that has made him one of the most relatable athletes ever.

Nick Symmonds on fitness, entrepreneurship, and pursuing big goals

It’s been over 6 years since Nick was last on the podcast, and we have a lot to catch up on! In addition to talking about what Nick has been doing professionally since 2016, we also cover:

  • How his desire to entertain has gotten him over a million followers on YouTube
  • Why he loves running but has no desire to train anymore
  • Nick’s current fitness goals
  • How he inspires a passion for fitness in others while keeping it fun
  • Why Nick fears boredom as an entrepreneur more than anything else
  • What mindset allows Nick to tackle such audacious goals

You can’t help but be inspired by Nick’s energy and enthusiasm for all things fitness.  Enjoy!

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