Jonathan Levitt on Building Community, Solo vs. Group Runs, & Peeking Inside Boulder’s Running Scene

Running communities benefit from new and experienced runners alike. Whether you have a great community or want to build your own, you can gain both mental and physical advantages from training with others.

No matter how much you love running, some days can be a grind. Maybe it’s the weather, anxiety about a challenging workout, or other life factors that are impacting your energy and enthusiasm. When you have a friend or a community to support you, however, it’s much easier to get out the door!

Even if you enjoy running solo, doing long runs or workouts with others can benefit your training in a multitude of ways. Some areas, like Boulder, CO, are blessed with an incredible community of athletes, ranging from weekend warriors to ultra runners to Olympic marathoners. Whether you are running a workout, a recovery effort, or playing in the mountains, you can find company if you want it.

Benefits from running with others go beyond the physical aspects. Research shows that people with whom you surround yourself can influence your performance by up to 30%. That’s significant! Spending time with other athletes who support and educate you can help push you toward stronger performances, mentally and physically.

Jonathan Levitt on group running and building community

This week’s guest on the podcast has the amazing ability to build community wherever he goes. On an average week, you may find him leading a group of 40 runners or training alongside past Olympians. Jonathan Levitt is a runner and host of the For the Long Run Podcast, and perhaps secretly, the (unofficial) mayor of Boulder, Colorado.

Jon moved to Boulder several years ago and is a huge presence in the running community. He thrives off the companionship of group runs, and often does at least 4 of his 6 runs each week with friends. Through trial and error Jon has learned how to manage the logistics of running with both faster and slower runners, while blending it seamlessly into his own training schedule.

Jon and I discuss the incredible running community of Boulder, along with:

  • How Jon finds joy in helping others feel like they belong
  • The unique aspects of Boulder’s running scene
  • What is the “soft hour” in Boulder and why it works so well
  • The ways Jon balances his training while joining other runners
  • How to build a running community in your hometown
  • The importance of emulating the mental models of other runners

Jonathan Levitt is thoughtful, fun, and full of insights on what makes a running community great. Enjoy!

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