How to Run an “Infinity Loop” of North America’s Tallest Volcano, with Jason Hardrath

If you’re looking to be inspired for your next adventure, ultra endurance athlete Jason Hardrath should be on your list of people to follow. From FKTs to volcanic summits, Jason is an example of creating a path in life to do what you love.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Eassa media

Ultrarunning events often cover challenging terrain and require time on your feet that can be measured in days, not just hours.  Add in elements of mountaineering on glacial terrain at incredibly high elevations, and you face an entirely new set of obstacles.

My guest today was named one of the 20 most inspirational ultrarunners of 2021, and with good reason. After a car accident in 2015 derailed his triathlon career, Jason Hardrath had to reevaluate his future in competition. But with an extraordinary dedication to rehabilitation and proving his doctors wrong, he was able to resume running. With a new outlook on training, Jason began to take on new adventures.

Jason Hardrath on Infinity Loops & adventures at high altitude

Since recovering from his accident, Jason has earned well over a hundred Fastest Known Times (FKTs) and was a 2021 FKT of the Year top 10 finalist. As an adventurer and ultrarunner he has shifted his focus to a new project, completing “infinity loops” around the 7 highest volcanic summits in the world. Jason was inspired by the volcanoes he climbed around his home near Klamath, Oregon, throughout his recovery process.

Jason’s adventures are unique in the skills they require and the terrain that they cover, combining ultrarunning distances over elevations that can rise well above 18,000 feet. His most recent movie on YouTube, Journey to Infinity, documents his incredible story on the first of the seven volcanic peaks, Mexico’s Pico de Orizaba.

Our conversation today highlights Jason Hardrath’s Infinity Loop story and his current and future adventures, including:

  • Jason’s background that led him down the FKT path
  • How a change in thinking allowed him to move forward from his accident
  • The origin of the “infinity loop”
  • The challenges and risks of adventures at high altitude
  • Jason’s experience with HAPE (high altitude pulmonary edema)
  • How Jason trained for an Infinity Loop
  • Why he chose to focus on the  7 Volcanic Summits
  • What Jason faces on his next infinity loop attempt at Ojos Del Salado

Jason’s story about finishing the first Infinity Loop is a fascinating and inspiring one – enjoy!

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