Pronation, Supination, and Rotation: A Foot Movement Masterclass with Keith Mueller

Pronation is frequently misunderstood and blamed for a variety of running related injuries. Understanding the importance and intricacy of this movement will help you see pronation with much greater clarity.

In the not too distant past, many running shoes were designed to “control” the motion of your foot, firmly planting the idea that too much movement wasn’t beneficial and could lead to injury. While the shoe industry has largely moved away from this type of design, most of us still hang onto the idea that too much movement – whether pronation or supination – is a bad thing.

While the general concepts of pronation and supination are not difficult – their Latin roots mean turning downward (pronation) and turning upward (supination) – the finer details of how your feet move is much more complex. But the transition between these two movements is where the magic is – creating a spring like effect to produce energy and benefit your running.

Keith Mueller on Running and Pronation

My guest on the podcast this week is a coach who takes a holistic view of endurance training and considers himself a problem solver for endurance athletes. Keith Mueller is the founder of Higher Ground Athletics in Boulder, Colorado. His understanding of the details of movement patterns – including pronation and supination – will help you get a better grasp of this essential running mechanism.

Keith and I met a few months ago on a group run, and we soon found ourselves deep in discussion about performance and training theory. He has worked with an array of athletes, ranging from weekend warriors to state champion cross-country teams. Keith’s view of training is comprehensive, exposing athletes to the gamut of trainable qualities to make them better prepared for all the demands that running places on the body.

Our conversation today will help you think differently (and likely in greater depth) than ever before on pronation and supination.  We discuss:

  • The relationship between pronation and supination
  • Why flat feet and high arches matter less than you might think
  • The important role of rotation in pronation
  • Your range of motion: use it or lose it
  • Whether barefoot running helps retrain your movement patterns
  • How variety gives your body the ability to improve
  • The importance of moving away from idea of “good” or “bad” movement patterns

Keith’s ability to communicate complicated concepts make this a podcast that all runners will enjoy and benefit from!

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