Dr. Lara Johnson on Psoas Health, Injury Prevention, Muscles vs. Nerves, & More

What is the psoas, exactly? In this episode you’ll learn all about this important muscle and how it can impact your running and everyday movements.

The psoas is a little known muscle that plays a major role in complex movements involving the core and lower part of the body. While it is often thought of primarily as a hip flexor, the psoas is a nerve-rich muscle that helps provide support for posture and movement.

The psoas originates at the bottom of the thoracic spine (at the base of your rib cage) and extends all along the lumbar spine (your lower back). It runs through your pelvis, over the front of the hip, and then attaches at the top of your femur (thigh bone). Surprisingly, the psoas is the only muscle that actually connects your spine to your legs.

Dr. Lara Johnson on Injury Prevention & Psoas Health

This week on the podcast I am talking all about the psoas with Dr. Lara Johnson. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, yoga teacher, personal trainer, former athlete for BAA Elite, and the owner of Yellow Brick Physical Therapy in Boulder, CO. Lara also co-leads annual running and meditation retreats with Runners Reconnect in the Colorado mountains.

Lara’s unique experiences as an athlete and physiologist have all contributed to her holistic view of healing the human body. In her physical therapy practice, she uses a comprehensive approach to help runners get strong and athletic and build injury resiliency. The psoas is one of her favorite areas of focus due the impact it can have on so many parts of the body.

Some of the topics we dive into today include:

  • All about the psoas muscle: where is it and what does it do?
  • How problems with the psoas can impact other areas of the body
  • What type of problems runners typically have with the psoas
  • Why paying attention to the basics may be your best injury prevention strategy
  • How to determine if your psoas is strong and pliable or if there is an imbalance

Lara is a passionate advocate for helping athletes stay healthy and strong. Our conversation will help you better understand this important muscle!

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