Can you really go from chronically injured to healthy and pain free? This is my story

Earlier this month I got an email from Todd. He told me:

Love your blog! Lots of useful tips for us mere mortals ūüėČ

I laughed and thanked him for the compliment. But it got me thinking – does …

Sarah’s Transformation: From Constant Injuries to Faster and Pain Free

Last week, I asked you a simple question: What is your most difficult or challenging question about injury prevention and how to stay healthy?


For days, I’ve spent hours studying the hundreds of responses and let me tell you: …

The Path to Boston: How Darren Finally Avoided “The Wall” and Ran a Sub-4 Hour Marathon

When it comes to marathon training, there are countless choices to consider.

Should you join a local running club?

Boston Sign

Download a generic training plan online?

Invest in a custom program? Get a coach? Wing it?

Ask your second cousin

Jessica’s 34 Minute Half Marathon PR (with no injuries)

The biggest lie I hear runners say is, “Coaching is just for fast people.” Ha!

JessicaToday I want to share a story about Jessica, a 28 year old runner from Colorado. While she knew she wasn’t very …

You be the Coach: Why Did Mike Bonk the Houston Marathon?

Today, I want to ask for YOUR coaching expertise.

Michael emailed me recently about his race at the 2013 Houston Marathon. He is a 57 year old runner and triathlete with a previous PR of 3:55. I wrote him …

Marathon Mania: How Joe Improved His Marathon by Over 66 Minutes

A lot of runners find it tough to design a well-rounded training plan. Maybe they don’t know enough, so their running becomes boring.

Or maybe they have too much information and succumb to the Try Everything, Try Nothing

How Rob Ran an 18 Minute Marathon PR (with no injuries)

Imagine that you’re in great shape. You’re really fit.

So you want to tackle a marathon.

You register and line up on race day… only to hit the wall at mile 20, walk a few miles, and finish much …

From Unfocused to a Sub-20 5k: How Tim Increased His Confidence and Lost 60 Pounds

Isn’t it odd how some runners see massive success while others flounder and never reach their potential?

5k Race Start

See, the difference between a “good” runner and someone who stagnates, running the same times over and over again without ever seeing …

How Mark Ran a 16 Minute Marathon PR (despite thinking it was “beyond impossible”)

Is it possible to run a huge PR, avoid the infamous “marathon bonk,” and recover quickly from the race? You bet!

Mark's Marathon PR

Mark racing a half marathon before his PR Marathon

I talk a lot about “small wins” – they’re …

Racing a Hot Marathon: How Terry Negative Split the 2012 Boston Marathon

At the 2012 Boston Marathon, runners faced an even more daunting challenge than Heartbreak Hill: a scorching temperature of 88 degrees with unseasonably high humidity.

Boston Marathon

Racing a marathon in the heat is difficult. In fact, after race organizers recommended