Online Coaching – Let’s Upgrade Your Training

Do you want to improve your training so you can prevent more injuries, be more confident in your running, and race faster?

Jason Fitzgerald

I can help you leverage your current training – and with a few specific changes – help you start training with purpose. Forget injuries. Let’s get after personal records.

If you’re ready to take initiative, I can help you enjoy your running and reach your goals. All of my training packages are designed to eliminate the stress of worrying about your training. Am I running the right workout? Is this run too long? Should I be training more? I’ll figure that out for you.

A lot of runners like you have given some amazing feedback, like:

“Jason’s customized Plateau Buster training plan gave me a smarter approach to my half marathon training, taught me ways to make my speedwork more valuable, and provided me with workouts that increased my confidence when racing. ” – Kate F., owner

“I purchased your Plateau Buster and I’ve been following most of your exercises in it. So far I’ve knocked down about half a minute on my pace per mile. I’m so thrilled with that!” – Leo C., Texas

Here are a few ways I’ve helped other runners:

  • Motivation for an upcoming marathon and PR attempt.
  • Losing those stubborn last 5 pounds with a few simple training adjustments.
  • Specific workout tweaks to build endurance and speed (often at the same time).
  • Injury prevention during a peak training period.
  • Clarify training questions like “How do I get over the middle part of a race where I always seem to slow down?” and “Can I combine weights and running in the same day?
  • Training adjustments that will help you run a personal best, without having to run more – just by running smarter.

Ok, let’s do this! What’s next?

You have several options to get faster – each one will help you build momentum in your training:

  1. The PR Race Plan – a customized training plan showing you how to train for an upcoming race with mileage, workouts, and strength exercises.
  2. Full Coaching – 1-on-1 coaching, full training plans, unlimited communication, and plan revisions. All you can handle.
  3. Injury Prevention for Runners – SR’s flagship program that shows you how to stay healthy, long-term.
  4. Nutrition for Runners – the only complete diet and weight loss program for runners created by both a certified running coach and Registered Dietitian.

Here’s what other runners think:

“What I love about my plan is that I have the option to run/walk some of my days, but what I love more is the ‘no option’ days when he puts ‘NO walking’ on my mileage!  I need that kick in the butt and someone telling me exactly what I can do and exactly what I can not do” – Andrea J., TN

“You mentioned to me to drop the Garmin from my training. A few days later my Garmin broke down and figured karma had intervened, I decided not to get another right away and do what you suggested. I ran my training runs by feel and a few weeks later PR’d a very hilly 10k by almost a minute (42:21). I couldn’t believe it! Thanks Jason!” Joe R., MD

Depending on what you want and your goals, you’ll get:

  • a breakdown of what you’re doing right, what to improve, and key upgrades in your running
  • specific core and strength routines for your problem areas
  • custom workouts tailored to your fitness level
  • a personalized training schedule
  • injury prevention advice and tactics to help you run pain free

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About me: I’m a USA Track & Field certified coach and have been running competitively since 1998. I’ve run a 2:39:32 marathon and I’m the founder and coach at Strength Running. My work has been featured in major media outlets like Runner’s World, Competitor, the Huffington Post, and Lifehacker. I want to make you a better runner.