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Tweet Stuck in a rut? Tired of running the same loop at the same pace (in the same shoes) while training for the same race? Fear not, fellow runner. I’ve got strategies up the wazoo to help you spice up your running and inject some flair into your training. See, I’ve been there myself. There have […]

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Tweet In just a few days, Strength Running will turn four years old. What started as a little running blog that nobody read has grown into one of the largest running blogs on the web. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been featured in Runner’s World multiple times and am frequently tapped to contribute my coaching advice […]


Tweet My running completely transformed during my Junior year of high school. It hasn’t been the same since that year, when I transitioned a majority of my training to the trails. Yes, trail running changed my approach to running. It reinforces my belief that running by feel is more effective. Trail running makes the hard work of […]


Tweet Pop quiz: what is the most reliable way to run faster? What could you start doing immediately to become a faster runner? The answer is relatively simple: most runners just need to run more. Even if you’re running 5k races, you’re an endurance athlete. You need endurance training to achieve your potential and that includes high […]


Tweet Last Christmas, I treated myself to a Garmin 610. After wearing it for less than 3 weeks, I haven’t worn it since. I like it, though. It has a ton of cool features. The display is attractive. It looks a helluva lot better than my $30 Timex. But after 15+ years of competitive running […]


Tweet The latest evolution of the running shoe industry is what many are calling maximalism. I’m undecided if I actually like the term “maximalist” but I’ll use it because most runners understand the type of shoe the term implies. These shoes are typically highly cushioned. But other than that one similarity, it’s hard to lump all […]


Tweet In 2012, I nearly convinced a friend to run a 6 day, 120 mile trail race in the Rocky Mountains that reaches an altitude of over 12,500 feet. That race is the Transrockies Run, a mostly singletrack ultra that includes nearly 20,000 feet of elevation gain. Needless to say, it’s a daunting endeavor. And […]


Tweet Every week I share actionable coaching advice that can help you become a better runner. But where do I get ideas for the 400+ articles I’ve written? Click to Tweet: “Read more books! Here are 4 ideas from @JasonFitz1″ Most of them come from the usual suspects: Over 15 years of competitive running experience […]

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Tweet The day is finally here: Injury Prevention for Runners is now available! After two years of research…. Nearly every running book consulted… Exhaustive testing on myself, hundreds of other runners, and comparisons with other “expert” advice… Today I’m thrilled to finally release a program that has literally been years in the making. Over a year ago […]

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Tweet Runners are a little bit different. Fine, let’s put all the cards on the table: most of us are fit for a straight jacket. When we’re not lacing up our neon shoes and squeezing our legs into nylon tights, we’re bragging about negative splits and fine-tuning our carb-protein recovery fuel ratio. Just the other […]

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