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Tweet The winter of 2007 was one of the worst running experiences of my life. Every weekday, my blaring alarm woke me at 5:00am sharp. After putting on 37 layers of running gear, I left the house for an average run of 12 miles (I was running about 85 miles per week at the time)… […]


Tweet As you know, I’ve published quite a few running shoe reviews over the years. But there’s a big limitation to my reviews: they’re written by me (a guy, in case you haven’t noticed) and they review men’s shoes. Obviously, this is somewhat necessary. But my reviews then take a biased look at only the men’s version […]


Tweet There’s so much good stuff happening today that I feel like a coach cheering his head off during the final lap of a race. I’m just so excited! I have a lot of announcements (this will be like a Team Meeting) so read on… First, today brings an all-new episode of Q&A with Coach, where […]


Tweet When I recently asked which type of runner you were on Facebook, most identified with the gear junkie: But running gear isn’t something I discuss much at Strength Running because I think you can train effectively without any fancy gadgets. Learning to run by feel or by “performance-based paces” is superior to relying on a […]


Tweet In 2004, my wife Meaghan was having a terrible cross country season. No matter what she tried, her running performances kept getting worse. Workout splits got slower. She felt exhausted, stressed, and couldn’t sleep. The muscle aches she thought were from training kept her up at night. After talking with her coach, seeing the […]

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Tweet Last weekend I turned 31 years old. Or as my sister commented: “Jason!!! I can’t believe how old you are. It’s gross.” Thanks, sis. It was a fun weekend of running (18 mile long run at altitude!), eating (I can’t quit you, Voodoo Doughnuts), and stealing Halloween candy from my daughter. She’s too young! […]

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Tweet My ideal home gym will have a top of the line stationary bike and an Alter-G treadmill. The cost? A cool $100,000. But until I hit the lottery, I don’t have an extra hundred thousand dollars lying around to spend on a few fancy pieces of gym equipment. Thankfully, I don’t NEED the fancy stuff – and neither […]

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Tweet When I started running in 1998, I never thought that this wonderful sport would contribute so much to my life. Running in high school introduced me to some of my best friends. My wife Meaghan ran for the women’s cross country team in college (how could she resist my shaved legs and incessant demands […]

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Tweet Every so often, a run will leave you breathless. In this case, I mean that both figuratively and literally: This photo was taken at over 6,800 feet altitude in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It’s one of thousands of stunning locations that running has enabled me to experience. The simple act of running has allowed […]

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Tweet I started Strength Running in 2010 to share my passion, expertise, and love of running with the world. For over four years, SR has grown in leaps and bounds and I’m thrilled that today I can help tens of thousands of runners get stronger, stay healthy, and race faster. But even though I’ve coached […]

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