A Guide to Running for Life, with Zoë Rom and Tina Muir

While goal-setting can be an essential part of a training plan for runners, the ultimate goal for all of us is longevity in the sport – being able to do what we love, with joy, for as long as possible. Sustainability as a runner can take many forms, and each can contribute in a unique way to a long-lasting relationship with running.

As runners we’ve always been encouraged to set short- and long-term goals, as both a source of motivation and a path to follow through weeks, months and even years of training. But sometimes we get so focused on the minutiae of daily workouts that we forget to look at the big picture.  

By focusing on the broader realm of running – whether that’s our long term health, the environment we run in, or the community we run with – we can often find greater satisfaction in the sport. Yes, your daily training runs are important, but you’re likely to find even more value in the sport you love by thinking about its broader impact.

While there are books on just about every aspect of training, few address the concept of runner community and sustainability. Fortunately, my guests on the podcast this week have changed that, writing a book that comprehensively examines these important topics.

Zoë Rom and Tina Muir on running for life

On this episode I have the dynamic duo of Tina Muir and Zoë Rom. Tina was formerly a professional runner for Great Britain and now hosts the Running for Real Podcast. Zoë is an elite ultra runner and Editor in Chief of Trail Runner Magazine. While each has been a guest on the podcast in the past, this is my first time having a discussion with them both!

Zoë and Tina bring a unique perspective to running that has been missing from the books on training and racing that currently exist. Our discussion focuses on what it means to be a sustainable runner, and the various ways you can integrate your personal running journey with the broader community and environment. 

Topics we explore include:

  • Zoe and Tina’s background and involvement in the running community
  • How a shared love of composting helped lead to writing Becoming a Sustainable Runner
  • Why doing more for “future us” vs. “present us” creates longevity in the sport
  • How to put yourself in positions for a growth mindset
  • The variety of ways you can find and create a running community

Zoe and Tina are insightful and engaging, and can help you find even greater meaning in your running. Enjoy our conversation!

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