The Complete Philadelphia Marathon Course Guide (#RunPhilly!)

Since 1994, theĀ Philadelphia Marathon has becomeĀ one of the best marathons in the United States.

Philadelphia Marathon

Philly puts on a great show with all the amenities, world-class timing and organization, and a nearly perfect marathon venue to run a …

Mountains, Trails & Obstacles: 28 Minutes with Max King, the World’s Fastest Warrior Dash Athlete

In a world hyper focused on specialization, it’s rare to meet a modern Renaissance Man. But today, prepare yourself for an exclusive interview with Max King.

Max King

Max King has been dominating the running world for years. Listing his …

The Uncanny “7 Strategies to Run Your Fastest Marathon” Podcast with Matt Frazier

The marathon: for many, it’s a mythical unicorn. Capturing a great performance can be elusive and may take years.

Jason and Matt's fastest marathon

Jason and Matt on the days they ran their fastest marathons

When I ran my first marathon, New York City …

A Fast Marathon Needs More than Fitness: My Boston Marathon Race Report

How do you run a fast marathon? It’s one of the most interesting questions I can think of as a runner, training geek, and coach.

Jason_Boston Marathon

It’s also incredibly complex. With a race as long as the marathon, there are …

Dear Boston Marathon Runners:

In less than a week, you’ll join over 36,000 other runners from around the globe to run the world’s greatest marathon.

But next Monday will be different. Last year the running community was devastated by a senseless tragedy that …

Want to Hang Out Soon? 3 Ways to See Me This Spring

It’s going to be a busy spring season – and I’d love you to be a part of it!

There are three events coming up that you’re welcomed to attend. There will be more of these as SR grows …

7 Quick Lessons from my 16th Place Finish at the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon

Tune-up races are tough – especially before a marathon. So I’m psyched about my race at this year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Washington, DC.

With five weeks to go before the Boston Marathon, I’m deep in the …

13 Proven Race Strategies to Help You Run Faster

Since 2010, I’ve been helping runners run faster. But a unique benefit of having a website like this is that I get to connect with elite runners, other coaches, Boston Qualifiers, and more experts in the running world.


Marathon Nutrition with Mark Kennedy, creator of “Fuel My Run”

Before my first attempt at the marathon I bragged to my friends and former coach about how I’d negative split the final miles in Central Park.

After the race, I got the biggest “I told ya so!” …

How Jennifer Ran a 40 Minute Marathon PR (with no bonk!)

The marathon is a fickle beast. Even with good training, you never know what will happen (especially in the final 10k).

Some runners hit the wall. Others cramp up. And a few develop overuse injuries that prevent them from …