5 Must Do 5k Workouts for Speed and Endurance

Running fast is fun (and running fast in short shorts is even better!). And with the right 5k workouts in your training plan, you’ll succeed at running a new Personal Best!

For newer runners, the 5k distance is often the first milestone, whether in training or racing. “Couch to 5k” plans abound because the distance is both an accessible and exciting goal. 5k races are frequent and widespread, making it easy for just about any runner to put one on the racing calendar.

As runners gain more time and experience, the 5k distance is often left behind in favor of longer efforts like the half-marathon or marathon. But training and racing a 5k is a great way to boost your ability to race just about any other distance if you’re willing to put in some race-specific training. 5ks will teach you to run hard and fast, build mental toughness, and improve your efficiency. What’s not to like?!

5k Workouts for speed and endurance

If you’re ready to put in the training for a new 5k PR, there are five types of 5k workouts to focus on. These can be split into two broader categories: fundamental workouts that help you develop the foundation for harder running, and specific workouts that gear your body up for race day effort.

Fundamental workouts are the foundation of speed, and they prepare your body to handle more challenging efforts. These include strides, uphill strides and hill sprints, as well as your long run.

Specific workouts are those that are geared toward helping you nail your race pace. This includes progressive efforts at goal pace, as well as support paces that are slightly slower and slightly faster than goal pace.

This week on the Strength Running Podcast I dig into the details of these workouts, as well as the overarching concepts to focus on during 5k training.

Some of these include:

  • Why it’s important to run fast before you run hard 
  • The importance of including skill based workouts
  • How long runs build mental toughness for the 5k
  • Support paces for the 5k and how to implement them
  • Creating a progression in your work at goal pace

The 5,000m distance is an amazing way to get fit and fast. The 5k can be deceptively challenging, but these workouts are sure to prepare you for your next PR!

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