Tommie Runz | Running 3 Marathons in 60 Days, 2:46 at Boston, and Life Lessons

Running and racing offer us so many lessons that can be applied outside of our athletic endeavors. Approaching running and life one day at a time and taking the long view is the ultimate path to success.

Life hacks may be all the rage, but success in running is best achieved with patience and a one-day-at-a-time mentality. This is also true for many of the more valuable things in life!

Training for a long distance effort like a marathon can’t be rushed. No matter how talented a runner you may be, you still need to build your mileage and workouts gradually to allow your body to acclimate to the workload. Rush the process, and you’ll probably wind up injured. But if you can seek out value in the daily challenges of training, you’ll likely be rewarded with a successful race.

No matter how well you prepare, you are always venturing into the unknown in the marathon. Over 26.2 miles, any number of things may be thrown your way that you’ll have to manage in order to reach the finish line. And if you want to try to run 3 marathons in 60 days?  Then you better be prepared for any possible surprises!

This week’s guest on the podcast did not start running until 2018, but he quickly developed an intense love for the sport. His passion for running coincided with his newfound sobriety, and the parallels he discovered in the two helped him truly live the mantra one day at a time.

Tommie Runz on life lessons learned from the marathon

Tommie Runz has built an enormous following both on Instagram and through his podcast, the Run Eat Sleep Show. We happened to meet at Skratch Labs Cafe on Global Running Day in Boulder.  After sharing some miles together, I got him on the podcast the very next day to tell his unique story, including his adventures running multiple marathons.

In his short running career Tommie has already run half of the World Marathon Majors and earned an impressive 2:46 PR on Boston’s challenging course this past April. Tommie continues to work with a number of running brands and represents those who are all too often an infrequent presence in the running community.

Tommie and I discuss how he got involved in running, and how he has accomplished so much in such a short window of time.  Some of the topics we touch on include:

  • How Tommie’s journey of running and sobriety coincided
  • Why his (over)zealous start to running initially led to injury
  • Learning patience from his running coach
  • Why he loves the daunting unknowns of the marathon
  • Tommie’s progression to running 3 marathons in 60 days
  • Why he switched up his current training for shorter races

Tommie’s story is inspiring and his love for the sport is contagious. Enjoy!

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