How to Really Stay Injury-Free: The Building a Better Runner DVD Giveaway

Injury prevention is a top goal for every runner. So why is consistent, healthy running so elusive?

The truth is that repetitive stress injuries will always happen: us runners are really good at pushing beyond our physical limits and working harder than our bodies can withstand. We all say things like,

I want to reach a new fitness level without all the injuries…

I’ve tried some exercises but I’m never sure if I’m doing them right

I want to transition back to a normal running schedule without doing any further damage

How do I overcome the fear of injury?

Injuries used to be a common part of my training. Hell, I thought they were inevitable! But if you’re smart and take the right precautions, you become more consistent and injury resistant than you ever thought possible.

In fact, I haven’t had a major running injury in 3 1/2 years and I used to get achilles tendonitis, ITBS, plantar fasciitis… the list went on.

Today, I want to help you finally stay healthy and run more consistent using many of the same strength workouts.

The Building a Better Runner Giveaway

Coach Jay Johnson has graciously offered to give a copy of his series Building a Better Runner – Volumes 1 & 2 to a lucky Strength Running reader. These DVDs have injury prevention and strength-building routines from the worlds of physical therapy and athletic training.

As he says, these exercises are “a proactive insurance policy against injury.” When you can stay healthy, you’ll be able to put in more consistent running, higher mileage, and faster workouts – all helping you to run faster races.

This is Jay’s introduction to Volume 1:

The Building a Better Runner series has nearly 200 exercises in categories like,

  • Preventative
  • Core
  • Postural
  • Total Body
  • Warm-up

Because of the breadth of exercises, these DVDs can be used for high school athletes, professionals, recreational runners, and everyone in between. If you’re not sure if you’d benefit from this giveaway, let me assure you: Building a Better Runner can help you!

Just a few weeks ago I told Jay how much fun I had with his workouts:

Each DVD is also a DVD-ROM and contains both iPod/iPad/iPhone compatible videos as well as Windows Media compatible files. The DVD-ROM also includes PDFs of each routine, with sequential photos of all of the exercises in the DVDs.

How do I Enter the Giveaway?

Jay is going to send our lucky winner both Volume 1 and 2 of the Building a Better Runner DVD series. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Make sure you’re on the SR email list – sign up here or in the box at the end of this post
  2. Leave a comment here about your #1 struggle with injury
  3. Submit your comment by Thursday, 10/11/2012 at midnight to be eligible
  4. I’ll randomly select the winner on Friday morning

Alas, we can’t shower the entire internet with free DVDs (but how awesome would that be?) so we’re going to do the next best thing: after the contest, I’m going to send you a 20% discount on anything at the store.

If you can’t win, you might as well save some cash right?! I’m so confident that this resource will help you prevent injuries and run more consistently that I want to make it as accessible as possible to everyone.

The code will be emailed to Strength Running subscribers so make sure you get on the list here or in the box below. Only subscribers are eligible to win.

A big thank you to Jay Johnson for partnering with SR to make this giveaway possible!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over.

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  1. Sub-calcanial bursitis after too much running in minimal shoes.

  2. Deep glute/hamstring pain, probably sciatic nerve related. Comes and goes but when it comes I’m stuck on the elliptical because running hurts too much!

  3. I need to get a good injury prevention routine as I build up training towards my first 100miler! Aches and pains I’m ok with, but definitely don’t want training to be sidetracked my injury and would love a comprehensive routine. I use your ITBS routine and have had good success…so hope this would be adding to my injury prevention arsenal!

  4. robin hennick says:

    My struggle with running is shin splints. Hasn’t been too bad this summer with running outside but now that its getting colder outside I run on the treadmill and the shin splints returned. No elevation on the treadmill either.

  5. Starr Napear says:

    My only struggle with injuries is a tight “it band” when I don’t roll out & stretch after a run. It can also happen if I start too fast without warming up properly.


  6. Hollie Arnold says:

    My biggest injury issue so far is IT band and the fact that I tore my acl. I’m feel like I’m running on borrowed time and need to work strength!

  7. Sebastian says:

    I had to fight over a year with a patellar tendinitis!! I hated it!! But know im perfect!!

  8. Leo Castaneda says:

    Battling right now with Achilles Tendonitis. I had ITBS on my last full marathon. I could use this DVD.

  9. Suzanne Meathrell says:

    No injuries yet since I started running a year and a half ago, but I’ve had two prior knew surgeries and I would really like to prevent them! Especially since I have big running dreams…I’ve lost 120 lbs since 2010 so I consider myself an experienced goal reacher.

  10. I need help with lower leg/ankle mobility. Reoccurring issues with plantar fasciitis and/or bone spurs after approximately each 6 to 8 weeks of consecutive training.

  11. I am 46 and have been running for about 18 years. Over the last 3 years I have been struggling with left glute/ham/IT band pain. I finally had an MRI two weeks ago and they said it is just tendinitis in the glute med and min from over use. I really need help in order to over come this. I am running NYC (attempting with the pain) in a few weeks and Boston in April!

  12. For the past 2+ yrs have had a semi sore but always crunchy left knee. I know if I had a little instructional DVD to help get the hips stronger it probably would resolve itself! Thanks Jason

  13. I’ve been dealing with ITBS for months now. Every few weeks I think I’m getting back to normal but then it springs up again. Just can’t seem to shake it.

  14. Deb Potash says:

    Jumping into a long run with friends af WAY TOO FAST a pace without any warmup at all. I thought I made it through an 18 mile run injury-free until a few hours later when I tried to play with my 2 yr old on the floor and damaged already fragile muscles. Now, just 3 weeks before my marathon, I have been nursing an adductor strain for 9 days. The lesson for me is, it only takes ONE time of missing a proper dynamic warmup to be side-lined with a new injury.

  15. I think I am getting shin splints, not sure, I’ve never had them. I have a tender spot about 4 inches above the ankle on the inside of my shin. Plus I’m working my way up to marathon par and any sort on injury prevention will be a plus. I also use your ITBS routine as well. Thanks Jason.

  16. Achilles Tendonitis – always when my training is getting really good.

  17. I’ve had several years of injuries – achilles, adductors, lower back. The cause is a bad running form and the cause of that is a weak core and ancillary muscles. I’ve already taken some steps to improve my core and ancillary strength – I’ve got faster and reduced injury frequency as a result. I want take my strength to the next level to improve my form some more and get that sub3 marathon

  18. Odd pain on the upper shin, about 2 inches from my knee. Pain has been there for months and I’ve tried many different routines.

  19. Michael Wehrle says:

    My number one struggle with injury always comes down to lack of flexibility. My only pain that has ever stopped me from running is back pain. Turns out its all due to me not being flexible enough in my hamstrings, glutes, and various other muscles in the posterior chain.

  20. I fight ITBS and hip issues as the mileage creeps up. Been pretty constant issue over the years.

  21. I’ve dealing with a sesamoiditis problem for the past 5 months. It’s been huge strain on my running and has me going into my first hundred later this month severely undertrained.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I have been running for only a few months and love it. Sadly I keep having problems with my lower legs. The dynamic stretch routines on this site have helped (thanks Jason!) but I still get sore even when I don’t run very far.

  23. World_Runner says:

    Weak core and glutes that have caused a horrible calf strain and ITB on my left leg ever since I had kids 6 years ago. I have been faithfully performing the core and ITB routines found here on strength running for the past 6 months and had very few problems! I would love the chance to incorporate some of Coach Jay Johnson’s exercises as well!

  24. Persistent Hamstring/glute weakness, despite strengthening routine 3 days a week. Pulled right hamstring almost 18 months ago. Still running with some pain after every speed workout

  25. Left hip flexor tendinitis. I saw a PT for 2 months. It was mostly healed from PT. Still sore sometimes, though. I would love to put that injury to bed for good!

  26. Cronic tendonitis in ankles and now some weird and lasting pain on inside calf of left leg. I love to run. HELP

  27. I’ve been fighting ITB troubles for over a year. It has greatly improved since implementing your ITB Rehab routine (and I’ve also recently added your core workouts), but I had it flare up again a week ago on a trail run. And now this week I’m dealing with pain in my metatarsal area – probably from my new too-tight shoes. I just want to be a runner!!

  28. Laura Latuszek says:

    I’ve been having tightness in my right glute/hamstring. I know I need to strengthen this area. I also have a weak core. Three kiddos in 4 years will do that! (I was actually pregnant 4 times, bit lost a baby at 15 weeks). I’m ready to get strong so I can be a better runner!

  29. Left piriformis muscle strain (a real pain in the ass!) has me trying various strengthening workouts to move past this persistent problem. I could really make good use of those DVDs!

  30. Nagging glute issues. Been working on core strength etc, but could use all the help I can get!

  31. Almost constant struggle with calf strains. Either from too much speed, too much distance, too much whatever. And little to no strength training or stretching. I need the DVD!


  32. Hip pain due to weak glutes!

  33. Toss up between shin splints and IT Band issues

  34. Struggle with knee pain on and off. Seems to stem from either too much distance, or shoes over 300 miles perhaps, but strengthening muscles would likely help keep it from coming back.

  35. My main struggle is with calf strains, but I occasionally have issues with knee pain also.

  36. My #1 struggle with injury is due to my left ankle and (I believe) the result of a very old injury: was playing basketball in high school and sprang it. Didn’t really look after it well and even now, tens of years later, I can “feel” it everytime I run for more than 4/5 miles.

    Most of the times it’s not really pain and it goes away after a day or two but no matter what I do, it will come back. I suspect there’s some scar tissue somwhere.


  37. Overuse is definitely the cause of almost any injury I have had from running (stress fracture, tendonitis, ITBS). I have been trying to do preventative strengthening, but I could definitely use a more targeted and focused approach.

  38. The issue I’ve been dealing with is my foot/ankle. Earlier this year I was running and misjudged a curb. Didn’t break or sprain it, just hurt it a bit and still bugs me every so often once I try to go faster.

  39. I struggle with a recurring hip injury from a weak core. I have been working on it, and things are getting better, but these DVDs would be a big help. Thanks!

  40. Thanks to resources from this website I have been able to stay injury free. I do the Lunge Matrix and leg swings before EVERY run and I do parts of your standard core routine all the time. I’m always looking for more ways to stay injury free.

  41. I’ve had issues with ITBS over the years. I’ve done your rehab routine, and that really helps. It’ll occasionally flare up, but I do the exercises and it always gets better. Right now, though, I’ve got something going on in the back of my knee. I think it’s the popliteus muscle. Got any great ideas for that?

  42. I had a complete fracture of my pubic ramis in June. 3 weeks before my first marathon. I had worked hard read everything I could and trained on my own with the cheering of my husband and 3 kiddos. After being downright discouraged for a week, I started reading up on how to heal and. Get back to running. That’s when I was turned onto the strength running website. I read your stuff and have begun to run again this month. I am doing ok but struggling with how to make myself overall stronger. As I have relocated from Wa to Fl during this injury I have no running buddies to really turn to, any help on how to exercise and be a better runner is a great help.

  43. Training to join the USMC after never being active, my only main thing, is running wrong watching other people. Straining my achilles.

  44. Very tight hips (leading to some lower back pain) and some IT Band tightness – strength and stretching issues no doubt.

  45. I’m struggling with the remnants of a badly sprained ankle, 6 months down the track and i still have niggles from it.

  46. Achilles overstretching due to logging many miles (100 – 120) per week, and calluses on the balls of my feet won’t permanently go away.

    What really is the importance level of static stretching before a run as opposed to dynamic stretching.

  47. ITBS in my right knee.

  48. david williams says:

    My most problematic injury is sore hamstrings. Seems like every time I run hard, they are sore for days afterward.

  49. My problem has always been ankles. I have sprained both ankles many times; this past year I rolled both ankles during the same week of running. They weren’t sprained, but I continue to have occasional problems with the right ankle (it often feels sore after a workout).

  50. 6 months after developing capillaritis on both calves, my legs are just now starting to feel like their old selves. That’s what you get for ramping up your training too quickly. Add a case of sesamoiditis on my left foot…and it’s been a fun year…lesson duly learned.

  51. Bill Blair says:

    Left calf strain at least once per year.

  52. Michael Majgaard says:

    My biggest problem is my right glute. It’s not as strong as the left side which means that I’ve a tendency to compensate with my right hamstring and quad. It requires lots of focus not to get injured 🙂

  53. A stress fracture, or rather the recovery from a stress fracture and knowing when you can start slowly building up to a high volume running routine after recovering.

  54. Nagging ITB issues that is manageable but wont completely go away 🙁

  55. Occassional hip soreness and occassional calf strains.

  56. Chuck McAllister says:

    I’m often dealing with IT band issues from running and brazilian jiu jitsu. Stretching and rolling keeps me upright but I’d like to move beyond survial.

  57. My biggest injury struggle would be all the little niggling injuries I have to deal with. I’ve (luckily – knock on wood) not been sidelined with anything serious, but if it’s not a foot “thing” it’s a hip “thing” or a calf “thing” (which is what I’m dealing with right now). I need to be 100% on-track with avoiding these stupid, pointless, annoying pseudo-injuries.

  58. Hi Jason. I’ve been struggling with injury after injury the past couple years. My ultimate goal is to run my first marathon. I tried for the first time last year and got two stress fractures in my distal fibula and Morton’s neuroma. In my most recent, second attempt to train for a marathon (Hal Hidgon’s novice plan), I came across severe back pain and that I have kyphosis. I do your standard warm up before every run and some of Coach J’s stuff. I’ve gone to a doctor, chiro, and got deep tissue massages. I do anything and everything I can to become a better (and injury free) runner. Thanks for the offer of the free gear. Take care.

  59. Recurring calf & Achilles problems.

  60. Tibial stress fractures are my nemesis! Got one after my
    half marathon, am really close to one now before what should
    have been my first marathon. Thinking it is taking my long runs
    too fast? My core and IT band have been great because of all the
    warm ups and after work activities you have suggested. So frustrating
    to stop running at peak fitness!

  61. My Achilles hurt regularly when I try to increase my mileage!

  62. It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with an injury, but I’ve been too cautious since my last half when my knee started acting up. I really want to get my mileage back up, but I’m a little worried about it returning.

  63. Persistent knee pain, It band pain, low back pain.

  64. # 1 struggle is Itbs for sure, followed by hip pain..

  65. Pelvic instability and related shoulder instability following a car accident which affects muscle tightness and muscle activation issues (ie, internally rotated shoulder = lack of glute max activation, hamstring overuse etc). It means that running is something I get to do as a bonus, but myofascial work and yoga are things I have to do EVERY day.

  66. My biggest issue with injury prevention is that as I build mileage, I have less time to devote to injury prevention related training and that’s when I need it the most! I’m looking for really well-designed efficient high-yeild exercises that I can incorporate in my training without it taking too much time.

  67. Roger Dehaan says:

    Now in my 50’s and plan to run into my 80’s but I need the help of a great resource like the DVD’s

  68. Calf and Achilles problems as I aged.

  69. Terry Kinsler says:

    I used to be a top 5% runner but I have been injured for a year and a half. I have had a nagging reoccurance of an inflamed IT Band and my foot was suspected to have a fractured sesamoid bone that is suspected to not be fractured but having tendon and nerve irriation making it at times uncomfortable to even walk. I have seen my 2 primary care physicians, 2 podiatrists, 1 orthopedist, two physical therapists and a chiropractor. I need to get back to running. My body still doesn’t feel ready to run. I desperately need to get back to running, if not for me than for my wife. 😉

  70. My battle has been with lower leg (medial tibial stress syndrome) and twinges of plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis over the last year. I have reached a point where I can manage them but can’t quite seem to squash them for good.

  71. Heather S says:

    My biggest issue has been with ITBS. I’ve run a marathon and several half-marathons in the past but since the IT band has flared up it’s been difficult to run high mileage on a consistent basis.

  72. My top struggle is with my knees. I had ACL surgery on both and sometimes (not during running) I twist my knee in a way that makes it feel like the meniscus is snapped out of place.. Then it becomes painful during logner runs, otherwise it’s just discomfort.

  73. Not even sure it is an “injury” but what I start feeling usually around 6 miles into a run is some discomfort upper back of my right leg, and it is probably what would limit how far I could run if I decided to do endless miles. I’m thinking maybe upping the exercises for the back of my legs/butt might hopefully help.

  74. Persistent right hamstring pain that’s worse running up hills.

  75. Sherry N. says:

    after training injury free for my first marathon I was surprised by the pain I experienced at the marathon. My right knee and hip were sore for the last 1/4 of the race, and knee is still sore. I’m thinking its ITB, but off to the doc I go for a professional diagnosis.

  76. Sciatica & tight calves, despite stretching. Always left side soreness/injury; never right for whatever reason?

  77. My injuries seem to stem from weak glutes and hamstrings as others have mentioned here. A few months ago, I began more seriously strength training 2x per week which seems to have helped. The warm up/cool down/strength routines mentioned on your blog have also been very beneficial! I try to regularly include a routine put together by Coach Jay that I found on Youtube.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Getting older–I have a hard time remembering (and accepting) that my body needs more time to recover now that I’m entering master’s territory. Add to that a love of the outdoors, and a busy life where strapping on the shoes and hitting the road seems to be the easiest way to get a work-out in, and I struggle with over-training (and its subsequent injuries regularly. Last year, it was pes anserine bursitis; this year it is a shin splint).

  79. cass king says:

    ugh! rec urring issues with the IT band. this left one flared up after a 1/2 marathon where the last 2 miles were a steep downhill and off-pitch. it’s been very frustrating.

  80. Chuck Swanson says:

    My #1 issue dealt either with ITBS or Plantar Fasciitis. Since joining Run Your BQ I have not had to deal with this anymore. I guess tight calves/achilies are the only real issues I deal with now. Just had my first marathon training cycle go injury free and it was a relief!!

  81. I have been battling an IT band injury for about 10 months with help from physical therapy and information from this website. I look forward to getting it fully resolved so I can run at my normal speed and start building up distance to do my first marathon in the spring.

  82. Over the past five years, I haven’t been able to run more than 9 months without re-injurying my left knee. The injury is always different and from each injury I become more committed to prehab and rehab exercises (a lot of what I do is from you and Joy Johnson) to help me stay healthy. About a month ago, I experienced runner’s knee for the second time. I would really appreciate any assistance you can be and these videos seem like they might be just what I need.

  83. Guy Buker says:

    Overcompensation for a tight IT leads to hip issues.

  84. IT band pain occurs when I increase my mileage.

  85. Niki Harris says:

    I have recurring IT Band issues and recovery always seems like a long slow process. I have started doing Jay’s MYRTL routine to get better from my current IT band issue.

  86. I’d be hard-pressed to pick just one major injury struggle although I suspect they are all closely related to the same underlying issue. Peroneal tendinitis, calf strain, and recently hip pain have all been major issues for me in the last year.

  87. So far I’ve been fairly lucky not to really injure myself . . . but I do struggle with on-again-off-again knee & hip pain. I never really know when it might strike – like at mile 10 of my last HM – I can run months pain-free & then wham!

  88. My biggest concern is tightness or tiredness of my legs. I do allow for recovery, and use a foam roller for my hip muscles/ITB. I also stretch post workout, however, I still get up feeling like jello legs. I’ve run for years but recently started Triathlons, so I’m not sure if that plays into it or not.

  89. A right Calf / Popliteal muscle injury was the catalyst for developing a blood clot (DVT) in my right leg. Looking back, this was good because it exposed a genetic blood clotting disorder. After 7 months of rest and rehab, I’m ready to start building mileage. I’m hoping to ramp-up in a healthy manner.

  90. IT band problems. Likely due to lack of proper stretching after a run.

  91. I so need and want to win these DVDs. My biggest is tight calves and an achilles. My calves and all around my achilles has trigger points – treating it with Advil, ice, rest, KT Tape, and massage therapy.

  92. Steve Claringbold says:

    My #1 issue was always having sore/injured ribs after running. It wasn’t until I realised that I was a very tense runner and changed my arm style that this eventually went away. I’m happy to say that since the change in arm style I’ve become a much stronger runner and want to carry on that evolution as best I can…

  93. Over the past five years, I haven’t been able to run more than 9 months without re-injurying my left knee. The injury is always different and from each injury I become more committed to prehab and rehab exercises (a lot of what I do is from you and Joy Johnson). About a month ago, I experienced runner’s knee for the second time.

  94. Mostly issues with my ITBS. Recently I have been the lucky recipient of Patellar Tendonitis. The physical therapist I spoke with said that for having “gymnast thighs” he was amazed at how weak my hips were. It looks like I need to do something about it!

  95. Stress fractures as a result of unknowingly over-training. 🙁

  96. I’ve been plagued by achilles tendinitis and a right hamstring injury, for about 2 years for the achilles, and about 6 months for the hamstring injury. Been to physical therapy, and myofascial release (so painful!), but these still dog me, and act up as soon as I introduce speed work into my routine. My biggest frustration – my marathon times have steadily increased by a minute or two for the past 4 years. Definitely heading in the wrong direction! I need a drastic change for better results.

  97. ErinDay Loyd says:

    38 yr old mom of five newbie runner: avoiding ITB syndrome and knee pain.

  98. I would love to have the knowledge when something starts to hurt that shouldn’t . I won’t have to sift thru the internet for the two days trying to figure it out. I can go to your DVDs. I always feel I’m on the edge of ITband issues and plantar facsciitis.

  99. Lately on my longer runs my shoulders start to ache and I need to drop my arms for a few strides to try and loosen them up.

  100. SI joint flare-ups…

  101. Jen Merschel says:

    My biggest issue is with my hip/ilopsoas on the right side.

  102. My number one stuggle has been tight calves and weak glutes, which has resulted in ITBS and PF issues. Since stumbling across strenthrunning and implementing exercises from the site and from Jason’s personal training plans, these areas have improved markedly, to the extent that these injuries are no longer a concern. Thanks very much to Jason and the giveaway.

  103. I have battled peroneal tendinitis for the last month. Just ran my first marathon on Sunday successfully, but much slower because of injury. My feet and ankles are the biggest obstacle for me!

  104. Feet in general (TOFP and lately heel pain)

  105. My biggest problem it IT band, particularly around my hip. I’ve only recently become aware of the necessity for and started hip strengthening exercises but definitely need to do more all around!

  106. Tracy O'Connor says:

    Fall is here and so is another problem. Last fall it was my achilles and now I have a calf strain. Help – Please!!

  107. I’ve spent years suffering from patella misalignment and all sorts of knee problems.
    I also had a bad case of plantar fascitis. I was able to deal with the knees, but I never got over plantar fascitis and I gave up running.
    All my problems got fixed over the past two years after switching my running style, from slow cadence / heavy heel strike to high cadence / forefoot landing on minimalist shoes.
    My only recent injuries are minor calf / soleus tears, minimalist shoes may be a contributing factor but all in all they do more good than harm. Yet I wish there was a way to keep lower leg injuries under control

  108. Amber Oyama says:

    I consistently struggle with shin splints. I’m fine if I run 5-6 miles but if I ramp up my mileage to train for a half I’m always icing my legs post run!

  109. Stu Altenhaus says:

    Achilles tendinosis since January of this year. Very difficult to come back from this.

  110. Otehr than general stiffness in my ankles and hips, my biggest injury problems is tendinitis in my feet. It doesn’t flare up when I’m running, but when I’m walking a lot or standing for long stretches at a time. However, when it flares up, I can’t run for a week or so…

    I’ve started a runners yoga class and it has helped a lot (as well as with my tight ankles and hip flexors

  111. Calf soreness mostly…seems to be recently solved by using CEPS compression sleeves. Prior to the sleeves would have severe calf pain at times depending on the distance.

  112. pain in my right knee but it is better after I did physical therapy and wear a band and try to do all my long runs on dirt. but I wish I could run longer on street roads even though the trails are quite beautiful.

  113. Laura Boquist says:

    I have a two-fold reason for learning to prevent injury… my husband recently got back to running after six months of pt to deal with an ITB injury. He does not want to be sidelined that long again! And as a newbie runner, I want to keep the same thing from happening to me 🙂 Thanks for your articles… I’m learning a lot!

  114. I had ITB about 7 years ago, so didn’t really attempt running again. After walking 26 miles for Breast Cancer last year, I signed up to do half marathon in Feb. As I am basically on couch with running, I decided to really take it slow and build up to avoid injury. I hardly did 1/4 mile walk / run and ITB was in full force. I’m very depressed about it, but don’t want to give up. I need all the help I can get and I don’t want to give up. I need to break through this ITB that is holding me hostage and I don’t want it to let me give up on running forever. Your DVD will be a lifesaver. Thank you……

  115. I’m still dealing with small issues related to an old ankle sprain.

  116. Pain on outside left knee and inside right knee due to weak hips and other core areas. Working on core strength and stretching. Thought I had left knee fixed but then it came back and the right knee got sore. Also, doing PT. Getting better but will I be better enough by the 10/21 Grand Rapids Marathon?

  117. Hamstrings. Tight tight tight.

  118. I keep getting the most frustrating ITB pain. Just when I think it’s gone, it keeps coming back with avengeance. It’s severely restricting how far I can run. I wish I didn’t have to worry about it!

  119. IT pain + torn lateral meniscus = not fun. Still physio-ing!

  120. IT Band, IT Band, IT Band! I injured my right IT Band back in February 2012. Your strength video has helped tremendously along with 3 months of PT and “Body Pump” classes. I am just now gradually getting back into running, though the injury still nags and prohibits me from running long distances at my “pre-injury” pace.

  121. Tightness in my ITB in the middle of my Vastus lateralis (not down near the knee as is most common) as a result of extensive cross training for triathlons. Been working on various ITB protocols to see which may help relieve the situation. Info on Strength Running has been very helpful in addressing this issue….sure is a lot less expensive than going to a Dr. or Chiro and getting the same old answer…

  122. Brent Sawchuk says:

    Battled through stress fracture on top of right foot. Still dealing with heel pain (plantar fascia) or right foot.

  123. I had IT band syndrome after my first marathon. I am a new, young runner and had a lot of muscle weakness, especially in my glutes, because I did not know how to strength train. I thought that my first marathon at the age of 20 was going to be my only one I ever completed due to my injury afterwards. I still feel like I have a lot to learn but getting help with my form and strength training has made a world of a difference and I am hopeful for the future.

  124. Currently it’s a tight hamstring and sciatic/piriformis pain, but name a running injury and chances are I have had it!

  125. james prost says:

    I don’t get injured. i just want the dvd. thanks if you give me it i am a very consistant runner who would enjoy using it. thanks.

  126. Chester Cabrales says:

    Been into running for 4 years and participating in marathons. Every now then I get foot pain that is different from the regular running soreness. I know prevention is the key so hopefully the DVDs can help.

  127. Jeff Horton says:

    Deep calf pain and ITB problems from trying to do 5K speedwork at age 56.

  128. Paul O'Donnell says:

    I’m the typical athlete where “go” means “go hard”. I like to run too far and too long; I know the problem and the fix to it. These past six weeks I’ve gotten better at disciplining myself and avoided my problem injuries: shin splints and Achilles tendinitis on my left calf. However I’m in ROTC in college and with the starting of ruck marches, plus their training regime, it’s hard to balance muscle recovery and their plan with what I want. Shin splints are common and not enough recovery at this rate might lead to overtraining.

  129. Jason, just in my opinion it would be nice if you would post who the winner is when you do you generous give-aways.

  130. Rachel Pelchat says:

    Instead of having a new year’s resolution, I set a goal: train for a marathon. Last year, I was thrown off from running because I got plantar fasciitis. I researched it and emailed Jason about that problem. He offered me some resources for information and I nipped that problem in the bud! Now, my problem areas are my hips and heels. Hopefully, I can attain my goal of being able to run until I stop: by choice!

  131. I am fighting a constant battle with piriformis syndrome. Whether it be yoga or rolling my butt around on a golf ball, I just can’t seem to win!

    I would love to see Coach Jay’s videos, maybe there is a fundamental issue at the heart of my problem. I have used his warm-up routines I found in Running Times, I can only imagine these videos would help.

  132. I’ve always struggled with tight IT bands and hips. I injured my right IT band seriously in college and was out for a whole cross country season.
    Love Coach Jay! Thanks for the blog, Jason!

  133. I have run three half-marathons and each time plantar fascitis has reared its head and bit me to varying degrees. On top of that, low back pain probably caused by overall hip tightness. Don’t roll it out enough.

  134. Annie Hodgdon says:

    What initially began as hip pain, became severe IT band issues, which travelled down and has now caused a lot of knee pain! I’ve tried PT, yoga, and chiropractic adjustments…to no avail.

  135. Last spring I was unable to run due to itbs.
    I came across coach Jay Johnson’s murtle routine and
    After a few weeks I was able to return to running! This
    Past weekend I finished a marathon all thanks to
    Strength running and coach Jay johnson!

  136. Thomas Thorp says:

    Super tight piriformis is a chronic problem and overall tightness.

  137. Foot pain – I did have plantar fasciatis, but I have healed it and now have pain in another part of my foot.

    I used to suffer from knee pain but changed my running style and do exercises to prevent it from returning.

  138. OK, i confess. After 2 years of running i’ve never had a serious injury. And i plan to keep it that way. That’s why instruction like this is so important; i want to run to my BQ injury free! Simple. 🙂

  139. Catherine Burke says:

    I started running later in life (age related), back in 2008. I have had a host of issues including plantar facitis, pereformis issues, runners knee, it band issues more than once, and the last major injury was a lateral menicus tear on my right knee. I have been dealing with this last injury for over one year and am now 10 weeks post surgery recovering and starting back to walk/running. I am giving distance runnng one last chance before giving up on it, hoping down the road to qualify for Boston. I know without injuries, I have the motivation and am not afraid of working hard to get there, it just seems my body will not co-operate, but my mind is already there.

  140. Tight calves and poor mobility in my thorasic spine

  141. Zack Leggett says:

    I am the head cross country coach at a junior college in Texas. Many of my runners struggle, I as well as my runners, suffer from muscle imbalances in different parts of the body. Mainly in the calves and glutes. This leads to various overuse injuries.

  142. Alisha Mears says:

    I have dealt with IT Band problems for years, among other problems. I’d love to get it under control. Sounds like a great give away. Thanks!

  143. Extensor tendinitis in my foot. I’m currently off my half-marathon training schedule for three weeks…drat! I was told it was from tying my shoes too tight before my long run, maybe from new shoes too.

  144. Toss up between knees and feet… either PFS and IT BS… or PF and SF..

  145. Kristen Kinnear-Ohlmann says:

    Blisters and black toenails which I’m certain are form related!

  146. Not allowing enough down time between races. Starting training too soon/too hard after completing a race. Messes me up for the next training cycle and sets me up for injury.

  147. ITBS lately and some hip soreness too.

  148. Andy Foose says:

    For me, the challenge is not pulling/straining my hamstrings and calves. I like to run fast, and when I tear down hills, the hamstrings go (I think my stride is too long). On uphills, it’s the calves that can give out. I’ve learned a few exercises for the calves but would love to get a more balanced approach to my non-run workouts to keep all my muscles strong.

  149. Runners knee. It knocked me out of a marathon last year and keeps trying to come back this year.

  150. My tootsies sometimes get upset and let me know they are unhappy with my training by flaring up the old retrocalcaneal bursitis.

  151. Steve Wilson says:

    Shin Splints, Shin Splints, Shin Splints. Ice, rolling is required on a daily basis. Working on my form has helped tremendously as well as long warm ups. I’m still missing some crucial steps.

  152. ITB is all about weak butt, follow Jason’s routine, a strong butt = adios ITB

  153. Warren Hostkoetter says:

    Battling and living positively with a torn Achilles. It has only been 6 months since the dreadful day, but this is one of the worst soul shattering experiences I’ve ever face. (Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration), but I never realized how fragile my body was until this happened. But, what else can you do but tend to your body, cheer on your running friends and keep a smile on your face.

  154. Currently I’m recovering from a stress fracture to my fibula…d’oh.

  155. I think I finally have my ITB under control BUT! the pain is moving down my legs and now it is my Achilles tendons! Ouch – obviously I am doing something wrong or just seriously out of balance.

  156. IT band , and currently a calf strain that makes me take off a week after peak week of running every training cycle . I have run three half marathons in the past 3 months , and every time my mileage increases the calf pain comes back ….

  157. SI joint pain every time the miles go above 35-40 a week.

  158. I’ve been quite blessed to be injury free for over a year now and I think I’m onto something beautiful and long lasting in that department. (Thanks to sites like this 🙂 ). However, I do know that since I only run, and basically ignore everything else fitness-wise I am weak and could use these DVDs get gain overall bodily strength and further improve my running!

  159. I’ve had a heel stress fracture that sidelined me for Boston, and now I’ve got a knee issue on the other leg that I’m awaiting MRI results from from compensating during the time I was on crutches!

  160. Sudhindra says:

    I have a soreness in my left knee when I run. It does not prevent me from running but the soreness is always there. I have tried searching for solutions but no luck so far.
    Thanks for all the great info on your website

  161. Annalisa Percy says:

    Whoa so many injuries, so little time running … line up as follows ; 2 x hamstring tears with retraction – healed only with PRP, metatarsal stress fracture on return to training in Vibram 5 fingers, Labral tear ( Hip ) from fall on ice, ITB syndrome and shin splint after doing an ultra and a marathon 6 days apart ( Never say die !!?)
    Some of my imbalances are from a workplace back injury so my glutes dont fire when they are supposed to – am am planning to work on muscle retraining and strength all winter !

  162. For me it’s my recent knee pain, probably ITBS 🙁

  163. Tight hip flexors causing back pain

  164. Sore calves!
    Especially after long runs.

  165. Pain with right knee. Sharp pain after running for a prolong period. Knee is weakened and need about 1-2 weeks of proper rest.

  166. Been suffering from this for a while now. The symptoms are stiff left hip and low back, and sometimes pain it IT Band and into groin on left side. I’ve never got to the root cause.

  167. I have struggled with calf strains, then onto a metatarsal stress fracture, then ankle pain/movement.

  168. Mike McGuinn says:

    I’d say my biggest issue with injuries would be my lack of consistency with stride and balance. I’ve dealt with shin splints and calf tightness ever since I became a runner a year and a half ago. Also I have very wide feet so shoes caused me to have a nagging bone bruise in my foot.

  169. Linda Parker says:

    I started running early this year. At 56 it was slow getting started but I found myself running almost everyday and loving it! In July I experienced my first injury and it has slowly been getting better, but it has greatly hindered my running experience. The doctor said it was osteoarthritis, but I still think there is more to it, but I can’t afford to go get an MRI’s doing lots better. I can now run again on the treadmill. I would love to know how to avoid further injuries. I’ve been doing some exercised to strengthen my hips, which I feel may have been part of the issue.

  170. christina says:

    I get discomfort, like a bruised feeling, in my left knee after runs sometimes. Also tendons in feet hurt if I barefoot too long.

  171. Left leg issues – knee, ITB and the occasional shin splint. I have less flxibility in my right ankle due to an old broken ankle issue. Into the traffic road camber is probably a culprit.

  172. I need a new anterior tibialis for my left leg. Also an IT band that doesn’t have issues ONLY during the Equinox Marathon.

  173. I suffer from sore posterior tibialis muscles.

  174. IT band syndrome after training for a half marathon…now it keeps cropping up all the time.

  175. I struggle most with knee pain (unfortunately due to advanced years). It makes it difficult to train enough without fear of causing damage.

  176. Plantar Fasciitis!

  177. Jim in Maine says:

    The main two issues I deal with are deep glute/hamstring pain and sometimes my wonky right ankle. Thanks for everything Jason.

  178. Piriformis syndrome has always been an annoyance and I’m currently struggling with shinsplints!!…after coming back from a 10 week forced bedrest. Sort of frustrating.

  179. After my long runs my feet feel become stiff and sore. Nothing painful just uncomfortable. Typically happens on 18-24 milers.

  180. Fortunately, only a stubborn calf knot, plus an achy big toe that reared its ugly head during mile 14 of the Chicago Marathon!

  181. My number 1 struggle with injury was with ITBS which demented me for 2 years on and off. I have completely successfully rehabbed by following your ITBS routine – did the program consistently for 2 months and now I do it two or maybe three times a week along with some the core routine a couple of times a week. No further ITB issues!

  182. I have a nagging injury in my hamstring.

  183. I struggle with hip flexor problems, my half time isn’t t bad but every time I ramp up for a full my inconsistency just beats up the time I know I’m capable of . I like to learn an improve that is a constant goal.

  184. Paul Cruz says:

    Having heel pain and glutes.

  185. Chronic Ankle Instability–> postural imbalances–> peroneal tendonitis, ITBS, and plantar fasciitis

  186. High hamstring injury on right leg.

  187. Training too hard too fast, resulting in Achilles Tendonitis. And then not wanting to stop to let it heal. Has happened a few times.

  188. ITBS — was down hard for 5-months. Saw two different knee docs, tried physical therapy at multiple hospitals, scheduled a ton o’ massages, which I really can’t complain about, but ultimately I owe my recovery to the exercises that Jason outlines in his Recovery Plan. After sticking with them for a few weeks it wasn’t long before I was on the trails and streets feeling great. I’ve stuck with them for over a year now and haven’t had a recurrence, so life is good!

  189. posterior flexibility, feeling the results of not enough stretching. Knees!

  190. need help getting legs to eqal strenth after tendon tear.

  191. I struggled with both IT band syndrome and plantar fasciitis while training for my first marathon.

    Word of advice, never switch to a running shoe you’ve never tried before right before starting to train for a marathon!

  192. As a new runner I’ve been practicing using the ball of me feet, my heels used to be sore before I actually learned the proper way to run, now I just get the occasional pinch in my knee, or I often lose balance and hit the ground with my foot the wrong way.

  193. Jordan Spencer says:

    My pain comes from ITB band, hip flexors, and sometimes lower back.

  194. My biggest issue is always with my Achilles and my knees.

  195. You name it I’ve had it and it’s all been on the right side. IT Band, Achilles, anterior tibalias…There is an imbalance somewhere which I have not been able to fix.

  196. Tight hips!

  197. I am a new runner and want to prevent future injuries. I have run 1 5k, signed up for a 5k trail run and am signing up for a 10k.

  198. I have IT band issues as well as lower back issues that I believe are related to my prosthetic running foot being too short. I have addressed the running prosthesis problem but I am still having lower back problems and IT band problems.

  199. Shin splints. 🙁

    Hope this DVD set has some great suggestions for me.

  200. Jay Mooney says:

    I struggle with tight calves no matter how much I seem to stretch. It has set off two rounds of Achilles tendonitis.

  201. I have only been running for about a year. For the last few months I have been dealing with pain in my left heel. It doesn’t hurt during my runs, but shows up a few hours later and can last the rest of the day.

  202. interior shin pain, calf tightness/strain!

  203. Shins! my shins are perpetually tender to the touch, even though they don’t hurt when running.

  204. I suffer from extreme charlie horses while sleeping… I drink over 2 liters of SmartWater a day, plus 16L of coconut water, add Celtic Sea Salt to my veggies (small amounts), take potassium pills, and yes, stretch before and after, and still get jolted awake by extreme pain in the middle of the night. Pain to the point of tears.

  205. dealing with a possible stress fracture right now

  206. Knee pain is currently my main problem. Need to work on my form and build strength to stay injury free.

  207. For a long time, I was having a lot of trouble with ITBS. I’ve managed to keep it at bay for a couple of years, but I’m always a bit worried…

  208. I have high arches and seem to overdo it in training. I’ve developed what appears to be plantar fasciitis in my right foot and can’t seem to shake it. And I’m too stubborn to go days without training.

  209. My biggest problems have been with my knees. I’m super careful about not over training, so while I PR’d in my last marathon, I’d like to beat 4 hours and don’t know if I can do it without increasing my mileage and increasing the impact to my knees.

  210. I’m new to running with big dreams of running a marathon one day. I’ve been out of shape almost my entire life, but am currently training for my first 5K which will be in just over 3 weeks. Already, I am struggling with knee pain and what may be the beginnings of plantar fascitis.

  211. Medial tibial stress syndrome and tibial stress fractures! Even after working with a PT and participating in running clinics to change my foot strike and strike rate over the past 3 years, I’m once again sidelined my terrible tibial pain just 6 weeks away from my marathon.

  212. Lisa Evans says:

    Heel spur=Achilles tendinitis.

  213. I’m struggling with an SI Joint injury that will just not go away…

  214. My problem used to be shin splints, but since I started minimalist running, I haven’t had them since. I do, however, get pain in my left ankle when I do long runs on a treadmill. I don’t have this problem on pavement, just on the treadmill.

  215. I am constantly dealing with patella femoral syndrome accompanied by IT band syndrome. All my issues are on the left side of my body and all stem from sysmoiditis on my left foot which enabled me to run months. I am so tired of constantly developing new injuries!

  216. Andrea macDonald says:

    I have really been a “runner” I ran for triathlons but it has always been my weakest sport. This year my marathon running sister invited me to join her to do a 1/2 marathon so that is my goal. The only problem is I have a wicked ongoing knee issue. 2 surgeries later I still worry about the day running flairs it up.

  217. my biggest problem is with periodic knee pain, especially as my shoes get some miles on them. Having torn and then removed my left ACL a couple years ago, I still get a twinge now and then that cause fear of future surgery and injury. I’d love to guard my bad and “good” knee.

  218. Sue Guttilla says:

    I had knee surgery which I little to no meniscus therefore causing a total imbalance of my left side which is weaker and right side stronger- causing a total package of cramped glutes, hamstrings, calves , shin splints, hip flexors and psoas – u name it I got it and have not been able to do anything but slow and easy short runs. Would like to learn some injury prevention, flexibility ands strength to help me become a better runner.

  219. Metatarsal bruising, but it’s improving.

  220. Sharp pain on the lateral side of my right knee. I would love to have a better understanding of injury prevention and strength-building routines!!

  221. i was a swimmer all my life & a slow, cumbersome runner. i’m 41 y.o. now & i was looking to compete in triathlons with some old swimming friends. i started running & just as i seemed to be making some progress i herniated my L4-L5 disc. i have numbness in one toe still, three years later…i want to start running again, but i am scared of sustaining more debilitating injuries. i need help.

  222. Plantar fasciitis, likely from running too hard and too often in worn out shoes while being overweight.

  223. Trying to find the balance of training and my everyday job is a constant struggle, always thinking should I run, rest or strength train today.

  224. Arch and achillies pain.

  225. I got a stress fracture in my pubic ramus several years ago and now any pain in my hip area scares me.

  226. I struggle with pain in my right hip and also have pain in my left shoulder after a long run.

  227. Developed ITBS in July while training for my first marathon (Chicago). Thanks to SR’s ITB Rehab Routine and frequent sports massages with my chiropractor (who’s also a runner), I was able to finish on Sunday without knee pain and fairly minimal hip pain. Missed my time goal by 5 minutes (mostly due to a long wait in a port-a-potty line) and am thinking about a spring marathon to better my time, so I want to fully recover from the ITBS and get stronger.

  228. I always struggle with the best cool down routine – never sure exactly what to do or if it is even worth it!

  229. My biggest struggle has been with a neuroma in my foot. It used to feel like I had a broken bone in my foot. I tried cortisone shots but the pain didn’t go away until I switched to a vegan diet and went heavy on eating foods that have anti-inflammatory properties.

  230. About a month ago I was running in one of my school’s meets. Afterwards my friend and I decided to run home even though the outside of my knee had started to hurt. I pushed through the pain and ended the run barely being able to walk. Since then I’ve been doing strength work but I still can’t run longer than 10 minutes. Thanks for listening!

  231. ITBS in my right knee, worse now during my pregnancy! I’d love some help on getting back on track, especially I as continue to gain weight over the next several months.

  232. ankle and knee, always right leg…

  233. My biggest problem with injury has been my hips. I strained a hip about 6 months ago and still sometimes feel it, particularly post-run. When it acts up, it seems to impact everything down my leg that it’s connected to (knee, IT band, etc). I am working on trying to keep my hips strong and healthy to overcome this for good!

  234. My right knee limits my mileage. Lately too, hamstring – heck, my entire right leg and foot.


  236. Chelsea S. says:

    When I really increase my mileage (ie when I’m training for a marathon), I struggle with ITB pain–to the point where my leg completely locks up and I can’t run even 3 miles. But right now my main issue is with shin splints. I need to integrate preventative and strengthening exercises into my normal running routine.

  237. every year is a different injury, this year, 24 days to NYC marathon is the ball of my right foot! 🙁

  238. most frequent injury are the impossibly tight calves. Even though I think I am stretching right, I still have those days where it hurts to walk

  239. John Bryant says:

    Deep flute pain. Just when I think I’m over it, it flares up again.

  240. Peripheral neuropathy predominately in my right foot and leg cause me pain throughout my leg and compensation pains in hips, lower back and left foot.

  241. Win contest

  242. I have had pain in my left calf muscle every time I have tried to run for the past two days.

  243. IT Band … got over Achilles, and hope to get over this … but it flares up at least once a year for a few weeks

  244. IT BAND

  245. Hi

    How do I purchase this dvd normally ? Cost is?

    Many Thanks

  246. I have used some of Jason’s material to help me with knee pain.


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