Ultra Legend Krissy Moehl: Getting Hooked on Mountainous Ultras, Evolving Her Training, and Tips For You

There’s no doubt that the sport of ultra running is hitting its stride. More people are interested, intrigued, and involved than ever before. The bounds of what’s possible continue to be pushed.

Krissy Moehl

Our fascination with ultra running has been highlighted over numerous podcast episodes, with guests like:

… just to list a few! Beyond the incredible distances that these runners cover, they bring an element of grit that we can all learn from.

Regardless of the distance you’re running, you’ll likely have questions surface on why you’re doing this, how hard can you push, and when should you quit. Ultra athletes have undoubtedly been faced with these questions and have gleaned some wisdom through the hardships.

Today’s guest is a fixture in the sport of ultramarathons and has a decades old career to reflect on.

Krissy Moehl Learned from Others and Teaches Us

Krissy Moehl has completed hunderds of ultra races and has over 50 first place finishes in the female category, along with several outright wins. She has won some of the hardest 100 mile courses on the planet, including the Hardrock 100 and the HURT 100 in Hawaii.

Krissy is the author of Running Your First Ultra, which many athletes use as their ultimate guide to training. Although she didn’t have a manual to follow for her own first ultra, she learned from a supportive community and shares those lessons with the readers.

Krissy’s running has evolved over the decades, but she still goes by the saying:

There’s not many issues in life that a long run can’t solve, but sometimes the run has to be a bit longer.

She explains the quote and offers her thought process for letting things go, both on and off the trails:

Krissy’s longevity in a sport this difficult is something to admire and on the show today, we’re talking about what got her hooked on running long races after being an 800m runner in college, how she’s evolved and changed her approach to ultras and fueling since she first started, and her best training tips for you.

Listen to the full episode below and enjoy this conversation with Krissy!

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