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How to Reduce Your Injury Risk, with Performance Coach and Sports Scientist David Joyce

Consistency is the key to improving your running – it’s the “secret sauce” if there is one! Since injuries threaten consistency, runners must reduce injury risk as a top priority. 

I consider consistency to be the “secret sauce” to successful running. It’s what allows you to create a strong foundation and build fitness year after year. Injury, however, is the greatest enemy of consistency! It’s frustrating, sets back our training, and limits what we can accomplish.

This week’s podcast guest is David Joyce, an expert on optimizing athletic performance in a variety of sports. David joined us last year on the podcast to discuss injury rehabilitation, and he is back this year to focus on reducing injury risk.

David is the co-editor of High-Performance Training for Sports: The Authoritative Guide for Ultimate Athletic Conditioning, the second edition. He holds master’s degrees in both sports science and sports medicine, as well as an MBA, and has over 50 publications in the field of sports performance. David has worked in Olympic programs in the UK, China, and Australia and has trained and rehabilitated multiple world-class athletes.

Reduce Your Injury Risk (the smart way)

“Injury prevention” is something that all runners aspire to, but finding the right path to get there can feel overwhelming. Should you strength train? Run more? Run less?

To find answers, sign up here for our best advice on how to reduce your injury risk.

David also discusses the idea of “risk profiling” as a tool to focus your efforts. This involves narrowing down injury risk by the type of training you do, the length of your training history, as well as your age and previous injuries. 

This episode contains so much wisdom from David that you will be able to apply to your own training.  We discuss facets of injury prevention you may not have considered, even though they are easy to implement:

  • The impact of advancements in technology for runners
  • Why a good coach will always be essential alongside technology
  • How to find a rhythm to your training by polarizing your efforts – keep your easy runs easy and make the hard ones count
  • Know the appropriate range of your running efforts and (mostly) train within them.
  • The importance of developing consistency by eliminating friction in your schedule 
  • How “motion is lotion” and why you don’t want to “allow the rust to settle”

Enjoy this discussion with one of the top performance experts in the world!

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