Planning a 5k PR: A New Behind-the-Scenes Coaching Call with Coach Chris Robinson

Reaching a new goal requires you to build your capacity to run more miles with less effort, and then fine-tune your training to the distance of your choice. These are simple concepts, but require some planning to execute them successfully!

Setting a goal for a new PR – whether it’s a faster time, a longer distance, or another challenge – is a great way to get motivated and push yourself in training.

As a new runner, PRs happen frequently as you improve rapidly and tackle different types of races.  But as an established runner, it becomes more important to structure your running to help you get the most out of your training.  

Even the most well-intentioned runners can make mistakes when planning their training:

  • Not running enough weekly mileage to maximize training potential
  • Neglecting speed “maintenance” work like strides, fartleks, and form drills
  • Running too hard on easy days, and not pushing hard enough in workouts
  • Avoiding strength training

Progress and improvement are what keep runners motivated and hungry to stay consistent and work hard, but these common mistakes can hold us back.  As a master’s runner, it becomes even more important to address any weaknesses in training.

This week’s guest on the podcast has raced distances ranging from 5k to ultras. Although he’s always been willing to put in the work, he has felt challenged by trying to create a successful training structure for himself.

Chris Robinson is a Team Strength Running member and the Cross Country Head Coach at Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois. While his work as a coach has sometimes made his training take a backseat to that of his athletes, he’s setting some exciting new goals for 2022.  

Chris is 49 and set some speedy PRs several years ago, including a 1:37 half marathon and a sub-20 5k.  Looking ahead to 2022, he’s setting the goal of running a 5k every month to rebuild training consistency and focus on getting faster.

An unexpected 5k PR

Chris ran a 19:56 5k with little specific training – he was simply running workouts with training partners who were working toward a fast half marathon. Now he’s ready to see just how much time he can take off that already impressive PR, but wanted some insight into how to make that goal a reality.

On this week’s podcast, we’ll take a closer look at Chris’ running background and talk about many aspects of his training:

  • What was his running like when he set his PR’s, and how has it changed?
  • What does his current training look like? What are his recent race performances?
  • How can Chris structure his training to accomplish his goals?
  • What are the fundamental aspects of his training to help him stay healthy while getting faster?

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