Coach Jason Answers Your Questions: Side Stitches, Cadence, Off-Season, and More

This week’s podcast tackles a variety of questions about the training process, including off-season planning, the concept of sandwiching, addressing cramps and side stitches, and more!

Whether you’re a new or lifelong runner, the training process never ends. The types of questions you have about training and racing may change over time, but running remains an ongoing learning experience.

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The more you educate yourself as a runner, the better equipped you’ll be to make training decisions that allow you to be successful. Better decisions make for stronger, consistent runners, and readers know that consistency in training will always be the special sauce to improve your running!

With so much conflicting advice online, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when you’re trying to find answers to questions that directly impact your running. Most runners aren’t part of a team, and many don’t have access to a personal running coach. Practical information that is relevant to you can be tough to come by.

That’s why I’ve taken questions submitted by the Strength Running community on Twitter and Instagram to address some of your specific concerns about the training process.

Maybe you are trying to navigate your way back from a long layoff after being injured. Or plan your off-season. And what do “easy” runs really mean anyway?

Get your training questions answered

Jason Podcasting

This week’s podcast covers a wide range of topics, and chances are that one (or many!) will apply to you and your training. Here’s where you can find some of the questions I tackle on this episode:

  • 3:03 – How should training plans vary for a road vs. a trail event?
  • 6:25 – How often should you “sandwich” your runs with strength training? (hint: every run!)
  • 13:48 – What you should do if the weather impacts your long run?
  • 19:36 – How do volume and intensity fit into your running workload? 
  • 26:30 – What inexpensive options are effective if you’re trying to do more strength training?
  • 35:54 – What should an off-season look like to avoid losing too much fitness?

Enjoy this week’s questions and answer session, and keep an eye out for more opportunities to get your own questions answered on the podcast in the future.

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