Nutrition Science PhD Stephanie Howe on Marathon Fueling, Quick Meals, and Fad Diets

Whether you’re a 5K or ultra-endurance athlete, nutrition is essential to training and racing at your best. Learn how to avoid the fads and fuel wisely for all distances Stephanie Howe, PhD.

Stephanie Howe, PhD is an ultra runner, coach, and nutritionist

Food is fuel. You’ve undoubtedly heard that phrase before, but when you’re trying to apply it to your own life it can be hard to know where to begin. With so many diet fads on social media, it’s easy to misunderstand the basics of nutrition.

As an athlete, a certified nutritionist can be a vital resource. Nutrition is intensely personal and there is no one size fits all plan that works for everyone. For runners, a nutritionist who also understands the demands of training and racing is invaluable.

That’s why our resources for runners include guidance on:

When advice on nutrition for runners comes from a runner, dietitian, and coach, it’s much more reliable.

Stephanie Howe Answers Nutrition Questions

This week’s podcast episode features a heavy hitter from the ultra-endurance world who holds a PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Science. As an elite trail and mountain runner, Stephanie Howe has won the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run and holds the course records for the Bandera 100k and Lake Sonoma 50 miler.  

In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Stephanie’s doctoral dissertation focused on the influence of exercise intensity on appetite in endurance-trained women. She is passionate about helping people learn how to fuel for competition and long-term health, and currently coaches runners and provides nutritional counseling.

If there is a recurring theme in today’s podcast, it is that practicing your fueling is the key to nailing race-day nutrition. The longer the race, the less room there is for error, so practicing both your pre-race breakfast and mid-race fueling is essential. Learning to listen to your gut may be an acquired skill, but as with anything your instincts will improve over time.

Stephanie Howe answers a variety of questions from Strength Running listeners on training and race nutrition, along with some of the controversial fad diets and nutrition strategies. She addresses these topics and many more:

  • The ins and outs of marathon fueling – is it ever too late in the race to fuel?
  • How to use different types of fuels at various stages of longer races
  • A “pyramid” plan for ultra fueling
  • Should you still carb load before races?
  • How to simplify good nutrition for a busy family with mix and match meals
  • The benefits of using a nutritionist
  • Her take on the Keto diet, intermittent fasting, the carnivore diet, and bonk runs

Nutrition is an issue all runners struggle with from time to time, but you’ll find a wealth of information on today’s podcast with Stephanie Howe!

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