Football Player to 2:52 Marathoner: How Brent Ran 48 Minutes Faster Over 26.2 Miles

No matter what your marathon goal, progress can be addictive. Who doesn’t want to get faster?  Learn how to make the most of consistent, focused training to reach those ambitious personal bests.

With the re-emergence of a more regular racing schedule in 2022, runners are gearing up for a season full of opportunities to reach their goals.  For many, a marathon PR feels like the ultimate achievement, given the time and commitment required to race successfully.

While all of us love seeing weekly or monthly progress in our running, sometimes training requires longer-term goals. The longer the race, the more months and years of consistent training it takes to  discover your potential.  But with that commitment, you can often achieve things you may have never believed possible when you first began training. 

Like many of us, this week’s guest began running in high school as cross-training to stay in shape for his primary sports, baseball and football. Through college and beyond, he stuck with the habit. He entered his first race, a 5-miler, shortly after college, then ran a half marathon about 9 months later.  His first marathon followed, and he’s been addicted to progress ever since.

How Brent Made Massive Marathon Progress

Brent is a member of our Team Strength Running group, and he’s a prime example of how a commitment to consistent training and improvement can help you achieve some impressive, speedy goals.  9 years ago Brent ran his first marathon in 3:40, and by fine-tuning his training over the years he took more than 48 minutes off that time on the challenging Boston course this past April.

Brent and I discuss all aspects of his training and over the years, including:

  • The path he took to becoming a runner
  • The lessons he learned from racing about pacing and strategy
  • How he implemented structured workouts to get faster
  • HIs big “levers” in training, including speed work during long runs
  • The importance of learning how to shift gears in training
  • How challenging workouts gave him mental and physical strength to draw on during races

If you’re looking to achieve ambitious goals in your running, you’ll be inspired by my conversation with Brent!

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