Training Fundamentals, “Full” Marathons, Road vs. Trails, and more (with Travis Macy)

Travis Macy is an amazing endurance athlete and one of the nicest guys in Colorado. Our discussion has a little bit of everything this week, from road and trail training to strength work to entrepreneurship in the running industry.

This week’s episode is with ultra endurance athlete Travis Macy. It was originally published on his podcast, The Travis Macy Show. Travis interviews me on a wide variety of topics, including training and strength work, running after COVID, and how I developed Strength Running, one step at a time.

In college, Travis competed for University of Colorado Boulder under famed coach Mark Wetmore.  He has continued to have an incredible career as an endurance athlete, whether he’s trail running, biking, skiing, or racing with burros!  In addition to his competitive career, Travis is also a coach, speaker and author. His new book that he co-authored with his dad – A Mile at a Time: A Father and Son’s Inspiring Alzheimer’s journey of love, adventure and hope – is due out in March 2023.

Jason discusses training, fueling, strength work & business development

It’s been way too long since Travis and I last talked so we had a lot of ground to cover!   Travis turns the tables on me and leads our discussion on an array of topics.  Although my focus has primarily been on the roads while Travis has been on the trails, we believe in so many of the same principles when it comes to training.  And strength work is always an essential part of the equation – it’s not just cross training!  We also talk about:

  • My background and development of my lifelong love for running
  • The value of running both roads and trails
  • How fueling options have changed for the better
  • Why strength training only gets more important with age
  • My gradual approach to developing a multi-faceted online business
  • Why you should never, ever say “full” marathon

Travis is always a pleasure to talk to and I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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