A Behind-the-Scenes Coaching Call on How to Escape a Rut

Whether it’s illness, injury, or stale training, most runners have found themselves stuck in a rut at times. Learn the best way to assess your running and start making progress again with this one-on-one coaching call.

We’ve all been there.

Maybe you’re injured and are struggling with consistency.  Or a hectic schedule has made it difficult to stay motivated. Or perhaps your training feels repetitive and your progress has stalled.

No matter what the cause, there’s a way out of it. While it’s important to look at the big picture of running combined with everything else you do, training structure is often the best place to start.

A well designed training plan gives runners the opportunity to move through a variety of cycles as they work toward a goal. Generally speaking, these include the following: a base training phase, a competition phase that builds toward more race-specific work, a peak/sharpening phase, and finally, time for rest and recovery.

Making a diagnosis: What’s holding back Ivan’s running?

No matter how perfectly you design your training plan, it can be derailed by injury, sickness, or other life events. While a few missed runs or workouts won’t make or break your training , sometimes a few days can turn into a few weeks, months, or even longer.

This week’s episode features a coaching call with Ivan, a Team Strength Running member. Ivan was a runner in high school and came back to the sport after over a decade away. Ivan had a successful buildup to a strong half marathon last year, but has struggled with his running after some recent setbacks.

Like many of us, Ivan’s bout with COVID earlier in the year made for a slower than expected return to training.  He has struggled with finding the right volume and intensity in training to both feel good and make progress.

Our discussion focuses on putting all the pieces together – looking at his past and present running – to help him get back on track and feel positive again. Ivan and I talk about the factors that impact his training, including:

  • All the things Ivan has been doing right with his training
  • Why more time off requires a longer base phase
  • The importance of pacing training runs correctly
  • What Ivan’s training history says about his racing potential
  • Why lower mileage is the right plan to focus on for now
  • Ivan’s long term goals for 2023 and beyond

This is a conversation everyone can relate to.  I hope you enjoy my coaching call with Ivan!

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