How to Set Massive PR’s as a Master (coaching call – rerun)

No matter when you started running in life or what your current PRs may be, it’s possible to get faster as a master! Running after 40 may take more balance and diligence, but never underestimate what you can accomplish.

While runners often assume that their personal bests are behind them once they’re no longer in their 20s and 30s, that isn’t always the case. More runners than ever are finding longevity in the sport by learning how to make the most of their bodies at various stages in life.

This week on the podcast you’ll hear from Tom, whose success story as a master’s runner is impressive and inspiring. While I’m a tiny bit mad that his marathon PR is now faster than mine, he remains one of my favorite Strength Running success stories.

As a kid, Tom had an athletic background playing a variety of sports, but didn’t start running regularly until after college. Running 20-30 miles per week back then allowed him to feel the runners high and develop a lifelong love of the sport.

Tom Shanabruch on Setting Monster PRs in your 40s

After racing a couple of half-marathons, Tom dove headfirst into the marathon in 2010. While the first 20 miles were at sub-3 pace, the final 10k taught him about hitting the wall and he suffered greatly through to the finish. Despite vowing “never to do this again’” he went sub-3 four years later and qualified for Boston.

Tom joined a training group and improved as he learned about speed work, but ultimately his race times plateaued. As he was turning 40, he decided it was time to get a coach. While Tom had an excellent foundation to build from, he needed to upgrade his training to see a breakthrough in his upcoming races.  

Although my training plan sounded daunting to Tom at first, he was willing to push himself to the next level. Regular strength work, bigger mileage, longer long runs, and an emphasis on recovery were all key to his success as he worked toward his sub 2:50 goal.  I’ll let Tom tell the story, but he smashed his goal and then some!

While Tom’s speed may sound daunting to slower runners, the principles of his training are accessible to everyone and can help you discover your own training and racing PRs. On this episode we discuss:

  • Tom’s athletic background and how he got into running and racing
  • When and why Tom reached out to me for coaching help
  • What surprised Tom about his new training plan
  • Tom’s “a-ha” moment in training
  • The two most impactful elements of his training
  • How to take training seriously without being burdened by it

No matter what your running background, you’ll learn from Tom’s experience about how to upgrade your own training. Enjoy!

Note: this is a rerun of Episode 233.

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