Mountain Runner Kenzie Barlow on Why She Lifts Weights, the Magic of the Process, and More

We spend far more time training than we ever will racing. By learning to love the process of improvement in all of its forms, you’ll come to enjoy the journey of training just as much as the outcome.

Finding your why in running is key to longevity in the sport. Knowing the driving force that motivates your training allows you to focus on the process along the way, rather than letting the outcomes of races make or break your relationship with running.

While there is nothing wrong with consistently striving toward that next PR – whether it’s a 5k on the track or a mountainous ultra – it’s important to know what inspires you to put in the work, day after day.  

This week’s guest on the podcast has gone through her own process of discovery when it comes to running. What began as an invite from a friend to jump into Ragnar race has turned Kenzie Barlow into a lifelong fan of trails and mountainous ultra adventures. 

Kenzie Barlow on learning to love the process

Kenzie Barlow, a sponsored ultra endurance athlete, has finished in the top 10 of races like the Wasatch 100 and the Old Cascadia 100 Miler. She is also a USA Track and Field and Road Runners Club of America certified coach. But Kenzie has also dealt with setbacks and long term health issues, and has had to take time to rediscover her love for the process of training.

Kenzie and I talk about how she came to running later in life, and how her path to racing and coaching was something her younger self never could have anticipated.  Kenzie’s outlook on longevity in the sport contains so much wisdom for every runner, including:

  • Her unique introduction to ultrarunning (on the road!)
  • Learning to love being uncomfortable – whether trail running or weight training
  • Finding a balance between intensity and longevity in the sport
  • Coping with her first DNF
  • Rediscovering her identity as runner – on her own terms
  • Developing the skill set to turn a negative into a positive
  • The importance of process-oriented goals

Kenzie’s enduring love for the sport and her willingness to share her story make for a conversation you won’t want to miss.

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