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The Big Shin Splints Episode: Prevention and Treatment with Dr. Duane Scotti

Shin splints are a common source of pain for newer runners, and misconceptions abound when it comes to managing them. Learn how to prevent and treat shin splints and keep them from developing into a more serious injury.

Although runners of any level can suffer from shin splints, beginners and those returning to running after a long layoff are most commonly affected. Shin splints cause an unmistakable pain in your lower leg that most typically comes from the inner part of your tibia, the larger bone on the inside of your lower leg.

Shin splints – or medial tibial stress syndrome – are often a painful indicator that your training has progressed too quickly for your body to adapt. They can arise from a rapid jump in mileage or intensity, and failing to address them can lead to more serious injury. Newer runners are most susceptible because their bodies are less prepared the repetitive demands of running. 

If you are suffering from shin splints, you may be surprised to learn that you rarely need extended time away from running. Learning how to manage your training and build strength in your feet and lower legs can get you on the road to recovery more quickly than you expect. On the podcast this week, Dr. Duane Scotti and I do a deep dive on this nagging and persistent injury.

Duane Scotti on shin splint management and prevention

Previously, Duane and I discussed hamstring health on episode 141. Now he is here to talk about everything related to shin splints, and get runners with this injury on the road to a quicker recovery. Duane is a physical therapist, a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist, a certified running coach, and the host of the Healthy Runner Podcast.

After years in the gym, Duane developed a love for running and founded Spark Healthy Runner, a coaching-focused group devoted to helping runners love the sport and run injury free. Duane recognizes the major impact that training decisions have on injury, and uses his combined coaching and physical therapy skills to get the most from his runners.

Since there are many misconceptions about shin splints, Duane and I start with the basics and discuss everything you need to know to make shin splints a thing of the past, including:

  • What actually causes the pain of shin splints
  • The difference between shin splints and other lower leg injuries, including compartment syndrome, posterior tibial tendinopathy, and more
  • The primary causes of shin splints
  • Why untreated shin splints can put you at greater risk for a stress fracture
  • Prevention and treatment strategies, including PEACE & LOVE
  • The role of strength work and cross-training to address shin splints

Duane’s knowledge combined with his enthusiasm for the sport make for a dynamic discussion with lots of practical advice.  Enjoy!

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